BOBSA has partnered with the AA Hair Import Group (AAHIG) organization to provide a service where BOBSA members who import hair can apply for an installment loan to purchase hair and other related products. At my request, I have obtained the right for our interested members to be grandfathered for the first year into this new membership organization so they will be eligible for the credit financing offered and other valuable services.

The first year annual fee will be waived for our BOBSA members and they will receive all of AAHIG benefits including:
*    Credit financing for $500 to $8,500 for eligible members
*    Technical assistance
*    Education
*    Outreach
*    Advocacy
*    Events
*    Other services as needed

AAHIG defines an Affiliate member as:
“An Affiliate is a BOBSA member in good standing who opts to be affiliated with AAHIG to take advantage of the credit financing opportunity and other services including various support and the technical assistance available to members.  The benefit is available from June 1, 2013 until May 31, 2014 following which BOBSA members will no longer be grandfathered in and must pay the $100 annual membership dues for full membership or the $50 annual dues for Associate membership.”
More information may be obtained by visiting the website:

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