Black Owned Beauty Supply Association, commonly known as (BOBSA) was founded and launched in 2004. BOBSA formed to help counteract the Korean domination in beauty supply stores and overall invasion of the black hair care industry. The organization has been instrumental in organizing black beauty supply stores, salons, barbershops, and hairstylists across the United States and abroad. The organization is based in Northern California and started with 65 independent, Black owned salon and beauty supply store owners. Today, with membership in both national and international markets, the organization is 5000 strong.


BOBSA’s mission is to establish African American and Black owned beauty supply stores nationally and internationally. The organization advocates for black institutions that depend on beauty supply stores and their distribution networks for support to operate competitive hair care services for the black community.


BOBSA is the premier national organization that provides African Americans the platform to demonstrate competitive leadership in the $9-billion-dollar Black Hair Care & Cosmetic Industry nationwide and internationally. As a major modern American industry founded by African-American women, it is our responsibility in honor of their entrepreneurial spirit, to distinguish ourselves by demonstrating ethical leadership in commanding ownership in this arena. We endorse integrity and respect in all facets of this industry, in business endeavors and in service to our community. We recognize, value, and seek out those individuals and businesses that have a positive impact on related traditional and new hair care institutions. We are motivated by and have embraced the motto “Connecting the Black Dots.”



Mr. Sam Ennon

President and  CEO

Sam Ennon has been in the hair care industry for over 35 years. Ennon began his career as a sales representative with Clairol, where he developed a relationship with retail drug stores to secure sales. From there he went on to become the District Sales Manager, which made him responsible for 12 outside sales representatives He held the District Manager’s position for three years and then was promoted to Regional Sales Manager, where he became responsible for 11 western states.

In 1979, Sam left Clairol and went to work for an independent sales organization. As an independent sales representative, he serviced major department stores like Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gottschalks, and I. Magnin Department Stores. In 1998, Sam resigned from his independent sales representative position to start his own independent sales representative company under the corporate name of Alexander and Associates Inc. The company represented major black hair care companies, such as Carson Products, the manufacturer of Dark and Lovely, World of Curls and J Strickland. In 1989, he formed the COIFCO Corporation. This new company created various brands of products including, Silky Wrap, For Mixed Hair, Twist Dreads & Locks, and Off Da Hook.

BOBSA was founded in 2004 as a black-owned association that offers the same type service as any Korean Beauty Supply association in this country. The organization was formed and also shown as an alternative to the Korean domination of the industry. Thus, they are still as of today, dispelling the idea that the Koreans have a monopoly on the Black Hair Care Industry. BOBSA is an advocate for the black hair care industry and networking business association that is available to cosmetologists, barbers and other businesses that are involved with the black hair care industry across this country. Whatever items you need for your salon or beauty supply store are available either through them or one of their associates. This is just a small service associated with BOBSA.

The BOBSA Team

Todd Harlan has more than 21 years of IT experience in software and application development in the financial, oil and gas, retail, medical, and telecommunications industries. He has over 17 years of consulting and leadership experience performing in roles as business analysis, systems analysis, database administrator, applications developer, project leader, and project manager.

Todd has experienced in every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), definition, planning, requirements gathering, business analysis, technical analysis, technical design, development, testing, and support. Has worked with many different organizations and industry professionals, including investment traders, pressmen, senior bank officials, foreign diplomats, senior military officers, educators, and small business owners. He obtained his Masters of Science in Systems Management and Bachelors of Computer Science.

Brett Forney has more than eight years working as production, maintenance, and operations manager for a publicly traded company in the metals & minerals industry. Many of the customers serviced by this industry are steel mills, railroads, and major industrial plants. His responsibilities encompassed the creation of production schedules, monitor market value of products, negotiate production goals, perform scientific quality tests, and maximize profitability through controlled output and procedures.

As an operations manager, Brett planned and set monthly and quarterly objectives for the production departments to ensure smooth workflow, quality production, and on-time delivery. He was also responsible for monitoring the performance of production leads, team members and coaches for improved quality and quantity of work. Additionally, Brett was responsible for hiring, training, coaching, and performance management of production leads and individual contributors.

Eddie Gums is currently a Certified Massage Therapist and owner of Body Edge for more than 10 years, while also being a Salon and Beauty Supply Manager in Hayward, California. Mr. Gums was a key Consultant and Recruiter with Healthy Oakland where he became a Certified Health Advocate for Beauty Salons and Barbershops. He has also collaborated and consulted with the United States Environmental Protection Agency Unit 9, resulting in a booklet on “Techniques to Achieve Naturally Healthy Hair.” During his time as a Salon and Beauty Supply Manager, Mr. Gums joined BOBSA and has been an active member serving in several key roles.

Contact information: Eddie Gums eddieg0712@yahoo.com


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