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To assist Black Entrepreneurs with owning and operating Beauty Supply Stores internationally. Also, providing vocational training, job placement, and educational scholarships to the Black community. The $9 billion-dollar Black Hair Care & Cosmetic industry is fully supported by Black Americans. As one of the few modern American industries founded by African American women, it is our responsibility to repossess this rich heritage, in order to create generational economic trends.

BOBSA is the premier national organization that provides African Americans the platform to demonstrate competitive leadership in the $9 billion-dollar Black Hair Care & Cosmetic Industry nationwide and internationally. BOBSA is proud of its short history of bringing Black people together who desire to “CONNECT THE BLACK DOTS” worldwide.


BOBSA’s mission is to establish African American and Black owned beauty supply stores nationally and internationally. We are advocates for Black institutions that depend on beauty supply stores and their distribution networks for support stores and their competitive hair care services for the Black community.


Sam Ennon has been in the hair care industry for over 50 years. Since the founding of BOBSA in 2004, he has worked tirelessly over the last 18 years to help change the direction of the Black hair care industry. Sam will continue to promote the vision of BOBSA as an advocate for the Black hair care industry and networking business association.

Sam Ennon

President & Founder

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BOBSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, motivation, and redirection of Black consumerism and Black economics all over the world, to the benefit of Black communities. BOBSA’s mission is to CONNECT Black manufacturers, to Black distributors, to Black retailers, to Black consumers in Black communities; by destroying the vail of economic disparity and Black economic oppression within the Black Hair Care & Beauty Industry.

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• Assistance with Opening a traditional Beauty Supply Store or an Online Store
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• National/International Exposure
• Access to Exclusive Products
• Business Credit Consultation

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