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KonnectMD is a comprehensive healthcare solution designed specifically for businesses. It offers the best care at affordable prices, making it an ideal choice for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

What Is Disruption

The term “disruptor” in sales and marketing refers to a company, product, or strategy that creates significant changes or innovations in an industry. These disruptors often challenge traditional business models and ways of doing things, causing established companies to adapt or risk becoming obsolete.

Re-Register Your B.O.B.S.A. Membership and create a Listing Page

If you joined B.O.B.S.A. within the last 6 years and received a notification about your membership being suspended, we want to offer you an opportunity to re-register. The registration fee for this will be only $10 per year. Please click on the link provided to re-register your Beauty Supply Store, Salon, Barbershop, Braiding Shop, or […]

New Member-Advocates to TheCBBP/PBB

BOBSA is reaching out to inquire about offering a membership to Licensed Beauty and Barber Professionals to participate as new Member-‘Advocates with The Concerned Beauty and Barber Professionals/Politics Beauty and Barber (TheCBBP/PBB).


HOW IMPORTART IS BRANDINE HOW IMPORTANT IS BRANDING? Yes, branding plays a crucial role in shaping the perception and reputation of a company. It includes not just the products or services being offered, but also the overall image, values, and mission of the company. A strong company brand can help establish trust, credibility, and recognition […]