B.O.B.S.A Special Offer From Afriderm

B.O.B.S.A has a special offer from the Afriderm product line
this company. As part of our network, Afriderm is offering is 50% off its suggested
retail price. In order to get this discount you must have a promo number and
the B.O.B.S.A consumer membership card!

The B.O.B.S.A
membership card is only $10 per year.  B.O.B.S.A‘s
discount card gives you discounts from the many B.O.B.S.A manufacturers that
are in our network.

Visit Afriderm your
discounts today!

Source Article from http://bobsa.blogspot.com/2014/01/bobsa-special-offer-from-afriderm.html
B.O.B.S.A Special Offer From Afriderm
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