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Since the beginning of the astronomical sales of the human hair trade there has been a conspiracy to prevent black hair designers from purchasing human hair at wholesale prices. Even though black people are virtually the exclusive consumers, stylist and trades people of this commodity, they are never the less controlled in the hair trade, even though it is virtually the exclusive domain of black people. The expression ” It’s a Black Thing ” has never been as true as in the case of commercial hair. Every nickel of this huge financial fortune comes from the members of the Black race.

Imagine if the bulk of all this cash that is estimated to be considerably close to above one hundred billion dollars were to be infused into the black race at the blue collar level that the hairdesigners/salon owners are considered to be. There would be enpo0ugh revenue to insure greater educational opportunities

and chances to offer a tremendously larger exposure to all the things that will increase the chances of our children to gain a higher status in the furture.

We (the Black cosmetologists ) own more businesses in our field than any other commercial enterprise of our race. We train many people in the lucrative and rewarding industry that we are in and provide for our families in an admirable manner.

It is perfectly alright for other ethnic groups to buy and sell as much hair as they like, but to make such a dedicated effort to designate our position in this business to be only retail patrons is unjustified, especially when you consider the fact that it is something exclusively our own. What should be of the

greatest concern at this point is the fact that this thing will continually grow with each passing year. The economics of this single industry could bring about a whole new world of possibilities for our entire race. It’s not like we have to go out and find this money, it is already there. In this huge exchange of money

that is growing tremendously every minute and even though we are not getting the lion’s share, we are never the less in control. Although much of the revenue in commercial hair comes through the service, there is still a great deal of cash in the sales of the hair and the importing. It is perfectly understandable that as people that know only the American culture, we are not familiar with the procedures of importation. Also there are the risks we may encounter by dealing with merchants that we don’t know, in a country where we have no recourse if we should be ripped off by these people in China and other hair producing countries where it is quite common for someone to take your money and not send you anything.

This is one reason why it is so advantageous to purchase hair from the Indians who will give you the mailing address, telephone number and Email of their factory in India so that can go there, call them or email them to order your hair directly from them and have it sent to you from their warehouse in the United States.

In addition to knowing where the hair that you are dealing with comes from, you also are spared the cost of shipping from the other side of the world or have to pay the exorbitant price of customs, etc.

In many cases the hair that comes from India is preferred by the client, particularly when the Stylist is an extremely competent artist and can pull persons that insist on superb styling and is aware of the bargain that is derived from the long lasting Indian hair. It is also softer to the touch and much more realistic

in it’s appearance. Another factor that is in the favor of the hair designer that deals with Indian hair is that the best of it comes in natural colors. This factor has resulted in Black hair designers developing exceptional skills in creating colors ( which are almost an essential aspect of contemporary styling ). This means that each time the hair designer does a service there is the additional cash that is realized through the coloring of the hair.

Something else that should be noted is the tremendous population of India ( actually they represent close to one fifth of all the people on the planet ).

There is no shortage of HAIR in India. It is a dependable source of this very valuable commodity and readily available without the risks and expense of dealing with the high cost demanded by the many manufacturers of Asia.

The reasons that that total control is in the hands of people other than the Black entrepreneurs are quite numerous, but there is one very basic reason. First of all there is the fact that in practically every country in the world the inhabitants are quite familiar with international trade that is comprised of the Export of manufactured products and that country’s resources. This is something that is quite commonplace throughout the world. However, in the United States we do not have a strong tradition of this nature that has endured throughout the few hundred years that the United states has been in existence. To the contrary, in this country we were the exporters of goods and services to the world and not very big on importations. Even as recently as fifty or sixty years ago the United States made as much as 80% of ALL the cars on the planet. It was the same in most of the essential commodities of contemporary living. Steel, Crude oil, airplane parts, fabrics, electronic devices and technology are among many of the items that we formerly controlled. Since the Black race in the western hemisphere were systematically separated from the beliefs, cultures and commercial trading practices of the their African ancestors in a universal effort on the part of our oppressors we were left with only the ideals and cultural practices of the American social structure and therefore had very little thought of importing anything. After all, in this country we exported everything.  It is not entirely our fault that we are among the few peoples in the world that are not excited about importation. As a matter of fact there are not a great many of us that

could point to a relative or neighbor that has made a living, much less a fortune through the importation of goods. As a result of this, other ethnic merchants have brought in virtually all of the hair in the United States and have conspired through very stringent dictates to their people to prevent Black people from acquiring hair directly from the Asian manufacturers ( mainly in China ) that dominated just about every single piece of commercial hair sold to the Black people in this country, the Caribbean, Europe and the entire continent of Africa. These many billions of dollars represents a truly massive amount that is rivaled only by the those brokerage firms that trade on world financial organizations like the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and The London stock exchange. What is strange about this is that the entire funds of this industry are generated by Black people around the world and yet they are receiving absolutely no part of the massive financial fortune tied up in the import/export of commercial hair.

There has been a variety of people in our industry that has tried to open our eyes to this, but for the most part they have been ignored by the average stylist and by almost all of the consumers. Any one that desires to get involved in making money through importation of hair should contact some of the prominent hair designers that are active in this BOBSA ( BLACK OWNED This group has been struggling for years to make our people aware of the unfair practices of other ethnic groups that seek to enslave our people. Torain and the Hair Spy would be happy to send give some additional information regarding who might have already been to India and Asia on buying trips or who might be in a position to let you get the wholesale hair at a lower cost than ever you have heard of before. This knowledge and these individuals can help our people escape the economic bondage that has been imposed upon us.

There are many important people involved this effort to gain economic superiority in the international commercial hair industry and most of them have been a source of intelligent information regarding this matter.


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