Black History Kindergarten Collection

This unique set of four big books is designed specifically for the academic, social, and emotional development of kindergarten children that highlights African American images and culture. The books are grounded in developmentally appropriate pedagogy while conveying the NCSS Standards for early grades learning expectations. Each book is designed to familiarize young children with relatable stories to promote diversity, learn about themselves, and understand their important place in the world.

Book One is titled, “I Am Unique and Special.” It provides young children with a close look at both the physical and personal qualities that make them special.

In Book Two, “Look at Me! I Can Learn New Things,” children explore academic, social, emotional, and developmental topics that celebrate how much they’ve learned while guiding them to think about new concepts.

In Book Three, “I Can Be Anything from A to Z,” a rhyming text invites young readers to consider a wide variety of careers.

Book Four, “My Family and Me,” draws children into important insights regarding the ways that all families live and support one another.

Throughout the series, Kindergartners are engaged in the reading of the books through repeated refrains, African American children’s illustrations that enhance the content of each book, and open-ended questions that encourage deeper thinking about the topics.

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