AMPTV channel, Black Headline News to feature Black press-influenced Black History Month virtually.


This year’s 2023 Black History Month is an interactive virtual experience on the Black Headline News Virtual Event platform.

Every year, Black History Month is celebrated during the 28 days of February, sometimes 29 on a “leap”; it gives the public a chance to learn more about the contributions Black Americans gave to this country, which in the past went unacknowledged in school history books. Black people also get that time to learn about their own history, besides learning about just slavery, which is always acknowledged in school history books.

Luckily, people are learning more about Black history on their own through many different types of technology outlets: online websites, big-budget Hollywood movies, in-person local events, over-the-air television, local television etc.

However, one newer technology not explored that often is “virtual reality” (VR), being able to use it to interface with learning and entertainment, seamlessly, where the audience interacting doesn’t even notice they may be learning while entertained.

So, what is VR?

A simplified definition of VR technology summarized from the online Oxford dictionary is this: a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person. This can be done using external apparatuses or via computer simulated 3D VR simulations for easy-eye viewing—no equipment needed.

This year, Ann Marie Pro TV (AMPTV), has created a 2023Black History Month Virtual Reality Experience using newly formed, Black press collaborative online TV channel, Black Headline News (BHN) which was launched August 24, 2022. AMPTV is launching the BHN Virtual Event Center starting February 3, 2023, featuring several other online VR events thereafter using the same platform. Online audiences will be able to interact with the VR BHN event center 24/7; they can visit the rooms freely on their own. These online events on the VR BHN platform are free to the public. People will be asked to login with their emails to also be able to engage in the live chat feature. Starting February 3, people can enter the virtual center at the BHN website here.

Along with Black History Month, this year, the platform will highlight key BHN Black press partners, The New Citizens Press, Texas Metro News, Black Iowa News, SPASHO, ONME News, BLENDED TV, and the Black Collab Wealth Channel who are considered the hosts of the several, annual events being held on the BHN Virtual Event Center throughout the 2023 year.

Other media partners who will be featured in the virtual experience include, The Black Media Initiative, BlackTradelines, Rivet 360, Minnesota Spokesman Recorder, Bay Area Review, Westside Story Newspaper, and Ethnic Media Services.

The BHN VR interactive platform will feature five online, consistent VR rooms for all its online event themes throughout the year:

The Financial Wellness Center

This room is dedicated to video programs and free downloads concerning financial literacy tips and tools.

The Inspiration Room

This room is dedicated to featuring inspirational stories nationwide and Black History.

The Town Hall Room

This room is dedicated to featured speakers and experts talking about issues affecting the Black community.

The Newsroom

This room is dedicated to featuring the latest headlines from members of the Black press; it also features the livestream BHN channel.

Edutainment and Trivia

This room is dedicated to Black History Month facts and trivia.

The 2023Black History Month Virtual Reality will feature weekly live forums in the VR Town Hall Room; encore episodes will be featured throughout the month on offline PEG access TV channels nationwide.