Black Products Target To The Black Consumer,

But Not Manufactures by Black Manufactures


“Did you know that 68% of hair products marketed towards black consumers are not actually manufactured by black-owned businesses? To help address this issue, we encourage everyone to support black-owned companies. Look for the Black Lady In The Circle Logo on the back of packages when purchasing black hair products, and keep an eye out for the logo on display at beauty supply stores. Let’s work together to strengthen our black-owned businesses!”

1. Look for the black lady in the circle to verify black owned company 2. Black Beauty Supply stores 3. Black salons 4. Black Barber shops 5. Black product manufacturers 6. Black Businesses

7. All Black Association

Africa’s Best

African Gold

African Pride


Aunt Jackie’s

Always Natural

Beautiful Textures

Black and White

Blue Magic


Carol’s Daughter

Dark and Lovely

Doo Gro


Estela OP

Five Star

Gloss 8


Jamaican Mango

Just So

Let’s Jam

Mane Choice

Mielle Organics

Murray’s Pomade



Pro Line


Royal Crown

Shea Moisture

Smart Perm

Soft Beautiful

Soft Sheen Carson


Texture My Way

T.C.B. Naturals

Worlds of Curls

**If there are any products that you feel do not belong on this list, please inform us. Additionally, if you have any suggestions for products that should be included, you can reach us at

“If you are a Black manufacturer interested in participating in the Black Lady in the Circle program, please register to receive your Black Lady in the Circle logo to put on your packaging. Follow the link below to get started

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