BOBSA Members: Updates

BOBSA Members:

We look forward to serving and leading you to another successful year and in strengthening our efforts of “Connecting the Black Dots” as well as achieving excellence within the Black community.  This is a friendly reminder that it’s time to renew your BOBSA association dues of $300.  You may submit your renewal fee at.  If you have already submitted your dues, we thank you and ask you to please disregard this letter and if not, click on The Button Below !!


At BOBSA, we value your participation and membership and look forward to developing an even stronger relationship with the Black Hair community.  Your fees are used to provide the support and recognition you deserve as a business owner and provide you with access to those services and expertise of those individuals or companies to help you achieve financial success and freedom in the current tough economic market.  In addition, we also offer you professional consultation, a monthly newsletter, products and services updates.

In order to improve on what we’re trying to accomplish as an organization, we need to hear from you about those things we are doing well and what areas we need to improve to benefit the association as a whole.  Please include your comments or express your views and concerns with your payment through our Ask BOBSA link or contact us directly via email.  Please be sure to type “BOBSA – How are we doing?” in your subject line to insure it receives the individual attention you deserve.

Best Wishes,
Sam Ennon