​Body Oils by Brenda

Customers see the other oils, but they BUY Body Oils by Brenda – even though it costs more, because the customers love that it smells good AND it lasts all day long.” Joyce Beauty Supply

Fully stocked counter-top acrylic display will drive your sales of BOBB’s natural, alcohol free, uncut body oils. 

  • Bestselling fragrances
    • women, men and unisex scents
    • natural, alcohol-free, quality body oils
  • Dynamic, eye-catching rich jewel colors
    • promotes sales
    • grabs attention  
  • Generous selection
    • 384 pieces – more than 40 different fragrances
    • 1/4 oz. bottles – most popular size with customers
  • Perfect counter-top size:
    • Dimensions: 12″ w x 8.5″ D x 14.5″ H
    • 4 tiers, 12 compartments per tier
  • Total Price: $960 (including display)
  • ​​First time buyers save $100 use code SAVE100
four tier rack full21

“These oils are so good, when a new order arrives our employees literally take their selection off the shelves first.” Angel Beauty Supply

buy now2 orig1

Body Oils by Brenda TRIFECTA:
1.  Customers love the look.
2.  Customers love the smell.
​3.   Customers love the price.

BONUS: You love the Mark-up!

Fragrances may include these best sellers: 
Cardi B. Type
Kobe Bryant Type
Pink Friday Type
Barack Obama Type
Ed Hardy Type
Lick Me All Over
Pink Pussy Type
Bombshell Type
Egyptian Musk
Paris Hilton Type
Pink Sugar Type
Disclaimer: Our products listed are similar to the fragrance names above, which are registered to their respective owners.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Give us a call at 510-776-1212.

“Our customers love Body Oils by Brenda. They know they’ll get the same quality product, every single time.” ​Kings Wigs & Beauty Supply

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