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“Healing Cosmetologist and Healing Beauty books are necessary for the market place because we live in a society where human species live in FEAR every day of their lives.

A human being hope, dreams, desires, aspirations have been covered by the smog of fear, depression and negative influences/energies.
By creating false temporary relaxation by the use of man-made drugs, over indulgence of alcohol-creates false hope and temporary solutions which causes people to end up worse off than they were before.
Pure intent to send love, light and healing, creates a heaven on earth experience! With the knowledge and insight “Healing Cosmetologist”.

1. Healing Cosmetologist:

2. Healing Beauty:

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I Want To Go Natural

I Want To Go Natural

My name is Crystle Jones-Bond. I’m a Natural hair Entrepreneur.
I’m a licensed cosmetologist with a specialty in Natural Hair. I’m featured in hair articles, a salon owner, Cosmetic chemist, product line owner, Cosmetology Instructor, and Author. 


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