It is important for companies and associations to work together and collaborate towards a common goal. By joining forces, we can leverage our combined resources and expertise to achieve greater impact and success. The example of the (AHBAI) American Health and Beauty Association in the 60s is a great one, where different manufactures and organizations came together to form a larger, more powerful group. It will be interesting to see if similar collaborations emerge in the black business community to promote unity and growth.

Yes, there are many examples of successful collaborations between companies and associations. One recent example is the partnership between BOBSA and Myavana, which has helped provide a new and innovative way to determine healthy hair for thousands of women around the globe. Another example is the partnership between BOBSA and The Chinese Hair Manufacturers which has resulted in providing access to high quality hair for black owned beauty stores around the country. These collaborations show the power of working together towards a common goal, and the significant impact that can be achieved when organizations pool their resources and expertise.

One way that Bobsa can be the catalyst for bringing other black organizations in the black hair care industry together is by creating a platform or network where these organizations can connect and collaborate. This network could include events, online forums, and other resources to help black-owned manufacturers and suppliers connect with consumers and grow their businesses. Bobsa could also focus on promoting and showcasing black-owned products and brands, which would help to raise awareness and increase demand for these products. By working together, Bobsa and other black organizations in the industry can help to support each other and promote unity and growth in the overall black community.

Bobsa is already taking steps to create a platform or network for black-owned businesses in the hair care industry. For example, they have established an online directory of black-owned businesses in the industry, which includes manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. They also host events such as trade shows and networking events that bring together black-owned businesses in the industry. Additionally, Bobsa provides resources such as training and educational programs to help these businesses grow and succeed. Overall, Bobsa is making significant efforts to unite and support black-owned businesses in the hair care industry.