We know the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on practically every industry. Restaurants, hospitality, travel, sports, events, healthcare and yes – the Black hair care industry. This is a challenging moment because Black businesses are the least prepared entities to deal with cash-flow shortages.
While some are celebrating Washington approved legislation worth $2 trillion to help sustain the American economy – I’ll wait to see how this rescues Black-owned business. I’m a student of history. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, popularly known as the “Stimulus Bill” left many African Americans feeling less than stimulated.
The business of Black hair is not for the weak and timid. I won’t bore you with all of the possible pitfalls. You should know about the challenge of opening a beauty supply store. Building a client base for a Black-owned hair salon or operating a profitable Black-owned barbershop is no less difficult. In the piece, Congress is About to Bail Out Everyone – Except Black Business Owners, commentator Mike Muse explains this in more detail.
Entrepreneurs face difficulty in gaining access to capital. Acquiring and owning property in the time of gentrification is a big hurdle.
Attracting, retaining and developing staff keeps many shop owners up at night. Marketing and promotion still rely heavily on word of mouth. The digital game is often just an Instagram and Facebook page. Integrated websites, lead magnets, sales funnels, and marketing strategies are a foreign language.
Haircare entrepreneurs have survived these roadblocks. It’s a cash-heavy business and many spend long hours on their feet to get it done. But the explosive growth of coronavirus is unlike anything we have experienced.
As confirmed U.S. cases of the novel coronavirus surge past 85,000, more than two dozen states have ordered nonessential businesses — including salons and barbershops — to close their doors to slow the outbreak’s spread. Some are continuing to find creative ways to work.

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