Hello BOBSA Members,

One of our new partners, AMPTV, has an array of marketing tools to help advertise and market your products and services via online television, social media and through national TV broadcasts.

AMPTV exposes your products and services to millions of online African-American consumers and to general international online potential consumers through their economical mobile advertising tools.

As an international and national mobile media outlet and marketing instrument, Ann Marie Pro TV (AMPTV) has combined with influential partners throughout the last several years to help maximize business knowledge and profits for small businesses, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

By growing its own media outlet influence, reach, and exposure, AMPTV is able to allow the expression of real issues and solutions related to African-Americans and the urban neighborhoods through its 24/7 online television programming; in the process, assisting content producers in expressing their views, sharing their talents and expanding their audience.

With 20+ years experience in mass media, mobile and social media marketing AMPTV has found a way to minimize advertising costs for businesses and to accentuate on the most effective ways to market products and services using AMPTV mobile channels, partner outlets and through the customized AMPTV Social Media Player distributed through email, social media, and to its partners