Discount Service Providers

The ability to provide services to BOBSA Members is a privilege. As a BOBSA Discount Service provider, you will be held to the highest standard of product quality and service delivery.

As a BOBSA Discount Service Provider, you as the business owner will receive national marketing throughout the beauty industry and reach a very valuable demographic in this $9 Billion Dollar Industry. There is really no better way to drive your target market to your business than through member marketing by participating on the BOBSA Discount Service Provider Program.


Simply complete the online application and you will be contacted by a member of our BOBSA Discount Services Department who will finalize details of the discounts. You must be a current BOBSA Professional Member to participate in the BOBSA Discount Services Program. Not a Professional Member yet? Click here to Join Now!

In an effort to ensure service providers are consistent with quality service delivery, we have established an online quality survey for the member customer to provide feedback. Professional members are able to obtain survey data through participation in the BOBSA Quality Care Program.

NOTE:Discounts arranged by BOBSA for its members, do not imply an endorsement of those service providers. BOBSA is not liable for services delivered by listed service providers. Transactions between service providers and BOBSA members are between those two parties. Discount terms are subject to change without notice. Some of the offers listed may have limited availability or restrictions, so please contact the specific service provider directly to get more details on limitations. Discounts must be requested at time of service.

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