Question: What is BOBSA?
Answer: Black Owned Beauty Supply Association

Question: Is BOBSA a Non-Profit organization?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can the Korean beauty supply stores join BOBSA?
Answer: No. BOBSA is connecting the Black Dots.

Question: How do you become a member?
Answer:  Join online at links www.bobsa.org or www.bobsaone.org

Question: How long has BOBSA been an association?
Answer: Six (6) years

Question: What is the cost to become a member?
Answer:  Annual dues start at $300.00.

Question: How many members are in BOBSA?
Answer: 2,000 to 3,500 members

Question: Can BOBSA help me open a beauty supply store?
Answer: Yes. We provide comprehensive support for new store owners.

Question: What is the term of membership?
Answer: One year

Question: Can I transfer my membership to someone if I no longer want to be a member?
Answer:  No. Membership is not transferable.

Question: Can a salon join BOBSA?
Answer: Yes. Salons, independent hair stylists, braiding salons, beauty supply stores, beauty distributors, manufacturers, barber shops, sales representatives, and miscellaneous associations can join BOBSA.

Question: Can BOBSA help you buy hard to get hair products and human and synthetic hair?
Answer: Yes.