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Question: What is BOBSA?
Answer: Black Owned Beauty Supply Association It was founded in 2004 to help black entrepreneur to get into the black haircare industry

Question: Is BOBSA a Non-Profit organization?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can the Korean beauty supply stores or anyone join BOBSA?
Answer: No. Only if you are an African-American or African Dissent. BOBSA is Connecting the Black Dots.

Question: How do you become a member?
Answer: Join online at https://bobsa.org/join-bobsa/

There Are 2 Options
Join Now and Join With Directory Listings
With Joining with Directory Listing,

After You Complete The Your Registration and Phone Verification You Will See Option To add BOBSA Membership.

Question: How long has BOBSA been an association?
Answer: Since 2004 19 years

Question: What is the cost to become a member?
Answer: : First year $1000 renew membership $50

Question: How many members are in BOBSA?
Answer: 2,000 to 8,000+ members and Associates

Question: Can BOBSA help me open a beauty supply store?
Answer: Yes. We provide comprehensive support for new store owners, and much more.

Question: What is the term of membership?
Answer: First year $500 renew membership $50

Question: Can I transfer my membership to someone if I no longer want to be a member?
Answer: No. Membership is not transferable.

Question: Can a salon join BOBSA?
Answer: Yes. Salons, independent hair stylists, braiding salons, beauty supply stores, beauty distributors, manufacturers, barber shops, sales representatives, and miscellaneous associations, can join BOBSA.

Question: Can BOBSA help you buy hard to get hair products and human and synthetic hair?
Answer: Yes.

BOBSA Directory:
Question: Can I Get A Free Listing ?
Answer: Yes, 1 Free Listing For A Limited Time. All Free Listings Are Subject To Approval !

Question: Does The BOBSA directory List My Business On Google Local or Other Local Business Searches?
Answer: No.

Question: Does The BOBSA Membership Come With a Directory Listing
Answer: Yes, Up to 10

Question: Do I have to have a BOBSA Membership To List My Business.
Answer: No, To List Your Business It Must be a BLACK OWNED Business and Have A Physical Location or Storefront.

Question: Do I Have To Verify My Phone Number To List My Business ?
Answer: Yes, When Verifying your phone You Must Enter Your Country Code.
(ex. US ) +1 1234567890

Question: How Do I Sign UP?
Answer: Hover Over B.O.B.S.A. Directory and Click Register My Business , Click The Register Tab to Begin.
After Your Phone Is Verified Select The Free Listing Package.

Question: Are There Apps?
Answer: Yes, (Apps For Google Play and Apple Store Are In Development and Will Be Released Soon. Estimated Release is in Early August)