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Joiner Consultancy

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We offer professional consulting services and tailored business solutions to many of your business needs.  Our startup business plans are ideal for investors and banking institutions. We provide detailed, customized business plans that convey your ideas and concept to your readers. Your business plan will contain a high-level executive summary, plus business identification, products & services, market & industry, strategy & implementation, management & risk assessment; capitalization plan, 3 – 5 years financial projections.

​Through consultation or a modified service package, we can address any needs your potential or existing business may have.  Our startup services include helping you

create a formal and legitimate presence in the marketplace.

We will also help you to brainstorm your ideas and concept in order to make them marketable.

We will help you prepare a customized business plans for your startup or existing company.  Our business plans includes a detail report of your business and financial projections, including assumptions.  We will work with you to develop a complete business plan based on your business idea. All business plans vary according to the type and complexity of the business, the stage of the business in its economic life cycle, and the intended purpose of the plan and its audience.

All business plan are completed within two to four weeks. 


  • Customized Business Plan
  • Business Formation through Incorporation or LLC
  • Patent Search & Application Assistance
  • Concept Creation and Development Plan
  • Product Development Research
  • Website Analysis
  • Logo Concept Design & Creation
  • Unlimited revisions and follow-up engagement

 Pricing & Terms:

​ $3,500 – 50% Initial down payment & 25% 1st draft and completion

  • Most plans are completed with 2 – 4 weeks
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Proprietary and Confidential
  • Nondisclosure Agreement
  • BOBSA members with ID number receive 15% discounts
  • Free 30 minute initial consultation

​   Hourly consultation – $150 per hour Minimum four hours

Note:   Although we will do everything possible to deliver a quality business plan, we make no warranty, express or implied, that the business plan we ultimately produce will, in fact, achieve any specific financing, marketing or management objective. 

Joiner Consulting, LLC

Email:  gail@joinerconsultancy.com

Website: http://www.joinerconsultancy.com/

Contact: 469-803-0507

Contact Us

(650) 863-3491

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm PST
Sat-Sun: Closed