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“The Big Lie”

BOBSA President and founder, Sam Ennon, wants to share the truth with the Black American hair consumers to make us think about the term "Remy". How did this term come about? Brazilian people have nappy hair just like Black Americans, but why is "Brazilian NATURAL" so straight? Hence, we need to inform our customers that they have been lied to by the Koreans. Their so-called "Remy” hair even has animal hair in it.


BOBSA can tell the story in a timeline that explains the history of this market for the past 50 years. How did it happen that Koreans dominated the market? After they dominated the market, what did they do? What information are they hiding? Where do “Brazilian" and "Jamaican" Malaysian” hair really come from? Because of the one-sided brainwashing that Koreans are telling to their Black American customers, what lies have the customers taken in as "facts?” And finally, how will "The Collection Hair"  http://www.thecollectionhair.com set new standards to inform customers about the materials they are using, where they come from, where they are manufactured, how much they weigh, how they are processed, etc. Basically, we need to re-educate the Black American hair consumers about everything regarding Remy and Brazilian, Jamaican, Malaysian hair please let us think about how we will tell this story and we will share the history as we discuss it in further details on social media (video, texts, etc.).  Go to http://www.thecollectionhair.com  to learn more about hair.