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WE WELCOME Crystal Gunn MDI Advisors



WE WELCOME Crystal Gunn MDI Advisors


Crystal L. Gunn is a visionary fiscal strategist dedicated to liberating the pan-African community from the shackles of financial bondage. With over two decades of experience, she has transformed countless lives.

With a Bachelor's of Business Administration from Michigan State University, Crystal's career commenced in mortgage banking and management, but she soon ventured into public speaking, authoring, coaching, and activism.


As the founder and CEO of the Amazing Woman Network, Crystal spearheads a social enterprise focused on reclaiming personal power through the mind, body, and spirit. She also serves as President of AWN Cares, a non-profit with several transformative programs that address critical social issues, President of United Community Solutions, which is dedicated to strengthening, stabilizing, revitalizing, and rebuilding communities, transforming them into thriving centers of opportunity and as a small business advisor for MDI Advisors, Crystal serves as the outsourced Chief Operating Officer (COO) of your business.


In her role as the host of the Amazing Women Speak podcast, Crystal provides inspiring and uplifting conversations for Black women worldwide, fostering a sense of empowerment and unity.


Additionally, Crystal embraces her responsibilities as Chairman of the Detroit Black Chamber of Commerce, passionately advocating for Black businesses and propelling them towards success.


Her people-first approach is epitomized by the words of baseball legend, Jackie Robinson: "A life is not important except on the impact it has on other lives." Crystal's unwavering beliefs and transformative impact have garnered her recognition, including the prestigious 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, solidifying her legacy as a catalyst for positive change and empowerment.


 Make it Amazing! 

Crystal L. Gunn

Financial Strategist

Speaker | Author | Coach

Phone: ‪(313) 410-8260

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