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What do you need to open your own Beauty Supply Store

List of things you need for your new beauty supply store

1). Store name the ideal time

2). Get your business license and resale license

3). Create a logo and design a sign for the outside of the store. (Jessica Godbee)

4). Register a domain name on GoDaddy Etc.  to get your URL/Domain for your website address

5).  Website design and planning.

6). Secure a Contractor and have a timeline to build your store out

7). Locate a supplier for the shelving in slatwalls

8). Locate a vendor for the wig heads

9). Secure the POS system (Spot On)

10). Vendors to contact Spot On for the POS System

11). Start staging the orders for shipment based on your timeline of finishing the build out of the store

12). Promotional plan for the social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,Tick Tok, and Google