Hairstyles for the holidays

Greetings Beautiful!
This is a message from Mireille Liong from Going-Natural dot com and I hope this message finds you well.
Instead of sending you a common newsletter with lots of photos in them, I decided to send you a plain old message. Why? Because you have complained about not receiving our newsletter and that is because gmail is filtering out newsletters with photos. So in order for me to make sure you don’t miss out, here comes the good news in text!
Get your Cowries shell headband
First, instead of asking you to spend money, I am giving away a beautiful unique cowries shell headband that is nowhere else to be found then at All you have to do is to leave a comment on the giveaway blog and the crown adorning shells can be yours. You know you better check that out.
Holiday Gifts
Don’t get me wrong I won’t be mad at you if you do want to spend. In fact I would appreciate it so here are the best offers this week:
• Going Natural, How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair, my book that made Amazon’s best seller list, is now on sale for only half the price!
• The new Cowries Shell headband is really available for steal, so don’t forget to check out the accessories.
Both the book and the headband make great gifts, for your beautiful self or another wonderful human being just like you. But that’s not all.
Hairstyles for the Holidays
To make sure you get your style on we asked Natural Hair salon Locks of Nu to show off their holiday hairstyles and specials. So we did a photo shoot especially for you! Check out their styles, from a short natural to a loced-updo!
America’s Next Natural Model
America’s Next Natural Model is coming up y’all and season 6 is going to be SPECTACULAR! We can already tell. So if you are an aspiring model please register right now and if you know one please send them to We are open for registration and your help is instrumental to make the pageant a success. Here is the link to the new and fresh updated website: America’s Next Natural Model
You can get to everything the giveaway, shop and photos via the homepage If things are unclear, just let me know so we can make your browsing experience a better one.
Thanks & Cheers,
Mireille Liong