How to save an unreceptive and divided people that have identical problems, with completely different interest!


The problem is group regression and poverty, the solution is group unity, with trust in group economics. To Fake it until you make it, was not created for poor—- folks but rather by lady Despair (Coulterism), for actors and actresses, It doesn’t mean success depends on how good we are at being a fake, how blacks have come to this place where we agree or disagree with personalities rather than the substance of the issues in question, is without rationality. And now we have to understand how to deal with those blacks on black Segregationist (Your color but not your kind persons) who have never understood how they are any other black, have ever experienced racism .They’re not unlike so many other (Casonism) blacks who are dying daily on our cities streets, because of fake courage and confusion, because they’re’ not smart enough to be both black, scared and safe. They’ve sold out, to get out the hood and reality .They run so hard to get out of poverty, they fail to reach back and uncover their legends and hidden treasures, in the hoods. Its’ sad, most blacks can’t look in the mirror and say I’m black and I’m pride and truly mean it. They fear being called weird, crazy or racism by some black person!

For the most part there’s no one making personal investments of sweat and or capitals in these neighborhoods’. There are no investments in businesses or in knowledge that leads to understanding of what you’re seeing, doing or could learn. In simple terms, we blacks have poor habits in proper use of observation, Experience or academics, we run when we should walk and walk when we should run! There in lades the problem.

Some folks are expecting wise decisions; from where there is no O.E. or A. from people who have never met are experienced love and charity. They know only Despair (Coulterism) and her family have taught most of these individuals, that you can be smarter than common sense, which makes no sense!

To my black associates whom are living fake white lives and you just can’t understand why some negro’s resist obeying (humiliating and inhumane) commands from law enforcement personnel, who racialist or ignorantly attempt to enforce laws under the color of law, with hidden feelings of superiority over a misperceived inferior race. Rather than under the color of the U.S. Constitution and that doing so would be viewed with such resistant and indignation, What makes some Negro’s stand and defend and other seek the impossible ….after all you just cannot win.

Therefore one should submit to unjust policies, people or laws, because a black person has no absolute rights, yet, it is unconstitutional to submit to an act of “absolute tyranny “. And is each individual’s human right to resist it. It is their duty to throw off such Government rules, so sayth the Declaration of Independence. And yet the ideal of a black not submitting is unconscious ably wrong in the sight of some of people…Really?

In spite of opposing opinions ,there are such superlative as ”We hold these truths to be self-evident ,that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights ,that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,. ..Really!

Coming from hives of poverty, oppressed at every angle, why do we act so surprise when blacks murder other blacks, when from child hood black males are taught you or a family member will one day more likely than not, be killed or kill, a black person? You grow up in neighborhood hives where you are victimized by every race or agency on earth .You have never experience meet humanity, love or charity, being rob, rape, fleeced and killed by your own color and not necessary your kind . A group that has caused you such distress and so much pain and suffering, just because you are alive! Are you really surprise that anger and disappointment has fester into a cancerous hate that you wear like a noose around your neck.

That every day you’re kicking just to breath or being kick for breathing, while listening to some black fool claiming to be free! Does Black life matters, to whom? Every day you are showed that “Black life doesn’t’ matter “many of us grew up watching the precision of a jurisdictional and social jeweler cutting injustice into lives of people who just need a reason to believe in justice from somebody. Only to have injustice re-enforced by the courts where you got less time (if you had a little money) for killing a black man or woman than stealing from a white family, are merely looking at a white women( as eye ball rape) or kicking a dog …My county tis of thee sweet land of liberty…. Liberty, Really!

Does Black life matters, really, to whom…? In Hives where crack babies buys guns from thieves and gun runners who buys them from gun shows, Hives of homeless children’s, hives of people left behind with a failed educational system, no eco- ownerships, in property or businesses. Should blacks support neighborhood businesses that most black have no understanding of, or ownership in. Should they have respect for neighbors where there is never a positive characterization of any neighborhood member, nig– this nig—that, even my nig–…really. Does black life matter to those preachers whom Mr. Armstrong spoke of in his book ` Crooks & Homos in the pulpit,` that comes to the neighborhood only on Sunday‘s with their hands in your pockets or up your skirts (or pants)? Does it matters to the Politicians, of whom you have neither voted for, rented, leased nor bought, Does it matters to the nonprofit groups, who look to their big government and corporations for its personal wealth and mission. Does it matter to Community and civil right organizations whom fill their mid level leadership position with unqualified warm bodies!

To the readers, I ask, does black life matters to you? We live in a time where one of the most evil and racist groups on earth has open its member ship to its most hated adversary, the Blackman. The KKK now understands no group on earth hates blacks more than blacks! This is evils (By any name) and the greatest achievement of modern times in the name of religion, business and politics. How is it that black life matters when every Blvd. or Street in America name after Dr Martin Luther King Jr., a modern day icon. Has no investors black or white and is a street (Blvd) of poverty, black life matters really to whom?

I realize how difficult it is for some people to see this through their MBA’s lens and high paying Corporate or Government jobs, where it’s so easy to forget the pains and suffering of others. It’s so sad that many have come to the front of the social and eco- line grinning like slick fat A— cats ,without brings anybody with them …! To my white friends I say you are right it is not a white and black problem it is a black problem! Our fathers’ God, to thee, the Author of liberty to thee we (Pray) sing…lift this veil! To my black friends whom live white lives. I ask that you stop speaking for black people of whom you know nothing of! I make no excuse or apologies for the condition of black people, I believe a worker is worthy of just pay and a sound and healthy hunger man with an empty basket in a grain field need not be given a meal.

The acts of evil and fear such as those in Missouri and New York to Mr. Brown and Mr. Garner is nothing new, Yet, they’re more readily expose by this digit age we live in .which has given our society the opportunity to witness greed partnering with evil and fear where love and charity is in flight . I plea that each of us Black, Brown, Yellow ,or White take a stand against all dream breakers weather in the home, a community leaders, Civil right leaders, or elected officials .To act with adoration for or condemnation toward whomever, wherever, whatever and whenever it’s warranty this is a small world getting smaller.

For the sake of clarity allow me to illustrate and restate many of my points with a fable, and a few personal observations and experiences.

Evil (Ego) and fear has sort to destroy love and charity for eon’s of time, why, simple because love and charity came in to exist first. With only limited success, that is until they met and seduced Greed. From this unnatural and illicit relationship were born three offspring’s, a set of male twins called (Hannitism) Deception and (limbaughism) confusion, for centuries they have lunch insidious attacks against love and charity their limited success are well documented. Their objective is the eradication and annihilation of the black race, by any means necessary.

There also was a daughter born to this union called (Coulterism) despair, she is sly and tricky and is a master of elegant speech and illusions of truths she has planted demonic seeds into the semen (heart and mind )of model man so that a human woman might produce fleshly demons (thugs and racism imps ) to accomplish her bidding. As this family of evil doers expand its territory in pursue of destroying charity and love. Those of us, whom stand with love and charity and, understand Black on black violence and live in it every day, have to first stop faking the rules of the game; you cannot make them up as you go along. You are trying to play your game with somebody else rules, on somebody else field .you are not going to make football rules fit baseball rules bro. You didn’t write them, and you don’t ‘own the teams.

This shameless ideology of balling and hustler must not define the reality of those of us who call ourselves black family men’s cannot continue to shrink cowardly back from the challenges of manhood, in the community or homes you going have to be self taught until help arrives, you have to stop waiting on a governmental hand out or up .Stop waiting on a government system to handler our wayward and dismal youths, whom trample on the sacrifices of those gone before them. Youths (and some older ones) whom seem to have no appreciation for the complexities of privileges’ disguised as freedoms, Know the rules if you are going play the game, she takes no hostages and has no pity. We must change our community culture lags where we have been taught negative characterizations of our people, we must learn and teach positive ones and that we will live and help other to live. That black life matters to (YOU) me! Our problems are the same as a group “we’re broke .We will say to the Barkley ism’, Thomism’, Rowan ism ’Cain ism’, Cason ism’ Rice ism, of the world you are our color but not our kind! We stand with real love and charity not illusions coping love /charity. ‘We have to stop expecting people living a delusional life to have the truth! Stop expecting love from those that have never been loved, Stop expecting the living dead to ,“stop the killing,” or the robbed to stop robbing and so on and so on….so the question is ,“Does Black life matters to you!” Have you saved or even tried to save anybody lately?