BOBSA members, network partners, and friends!


I would like to give you some good news. Over the last six months BOBSA has been working on a project that will change the dynamics of the black hair care industry. As you well know, BOBSA has been in existence since 2004. Our mission is to increase the number of Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores in our industry nationally and internationally. over the last 13 years we have helped open up 150+ stores, with 10% to 15%, closing within one year after they opened.


The biggest problem has been the hair imported into the United States and controlled by the Koreans because they have had access to the Chinese manufacturers. The Koreans have the distribution channel. Well, that’s all changing! After being sought out by a representative of the Chinese government and hair manufacturers, BOBSA was invited in October of this year to travel to China. BOBSA signed an agreement with the Chinese government and local hair manufacturers. The alliance named (EBHA) Enterprise Of Black Hair Alliance was created to change the distribution channel of hair into the United States. 


When I arrived in Anhui Province China, I was met by the Mayor and all of the plant workers of Anhui Union hair arts and culture co., ltd China greets Bobsa. with banners, balloons, a neon welcome sign on the manufacturer’s building, a singing choir, and a ribbon cutting ceremony. This celebration was organized and orchestrated by and for local media avenues of TV and the local newspaper. The excitement was overwhelming from the Chinese community and factory workers. Photos of activities and the welcoming celebration are included in this publication and were much appreciated and well received by all who were present. It was a very good beginning to a mutually beneficial business venture!


Mission Statement: EBHA

Enterprise of Black Hair Alliance (EBHA) is dedicated to a shared effort to create and develop a beauty industry that bridges with the black community. Our vision embraces the belief that our alliance will provide meaningful opportunities for all parties to generate revenues and manifest premium products and brands. Our joint venture will enable the black community to fully realize the potential opportunities in committing to the creation of industry brands that will bring pride and recognition to everyone involved in this joint venture


Vision Statement:

BOBSA is the premier national organization that provides African Americans the platform to demonstrate competitive leadership in the $9-billion-dollar Black Hair Care & Cosmetic Industry nationwide and internationally. As a major modern American industry founded by African-American women, it is our responsibility in honor of their entrepreneurial spirit, to distinguish ourselves by demonstrating ethical leadership in commanding ownership in this arena. We endorse integrity and respect in all facets of this industry, in business endeavors and in service to our community. We recognize, value, and seek out those individuals and businesses that have a positive impact on related traditional and new hair care institutions. We are motivated by and have embraced the motto “Connecting the Black Dots.”






Sam Ennon