International Hair Traders Project a Record Year in 2013

Like Gold, Tobacco, Sugar, Silver, Wheat and Uranium, Human hair is a viable commodity that has monetary value worldwide.

It has always been an item of value from early recorded history and has soared dramatically over the last half of the 20th century

as never before. It’s value has increased more consistently than any other period prior to the present date. The fashion of wearing

human hair is so prevalent that it is practiced throughout the world. The colors that were formerly unacceptable are now

perfectly normal for black people. Blonde hair on black women are common place. This includes the light complexioned ladies

and the darkest skin tones imaginable. Wearing of the many colors, color combinations and textures of the commercial hair produced

in Asia and India are thought of as quite natural.


Just about all television personalities ( on programs like the Atlanta Housewives, all of the many black sitcoms, Black females

news casters, movie stars and just about any female in every variety of entertainment ) utilizes commercial hair. This is true for

career women, homemakers, entertainers and many women of the Black race.


There are a variety of reasons for the dramatic increase in hair extension wear. Namely that every color is commonplace and totally

acceptable. This means that all of the myriad shades of color that can be seen in the black race can be dramatically enhanced by

the endless fashion looks produced by the numerous manufacturers of the human hair trade. It is an absolute fact that although the

color blonde is certainly not a natural shade to most people of African descent, it is never the less quite flattering in an exotic way to

just about any of those who are bold enough to wear it. Another big factor is that many of the latest looks include the exciting and

luxurious addition of longer hair.


Naturally this represents a tremendous leap in the cost of hair and greater spending on the part of the consumer. Consequently this

provides larger profits for everyone involved in the trade. There is also a whole new permissiveness in fantasy colors that include the

most exotic, vibrant color combinations ever seen in the history of the commercial hair industry. The elaborate hair designs of today

compares with the well known era defined by the extravagance of Queen Marie Antoinette of France.


Although classic and very conservative looks have maintained their popularity, there is a dramatic and very extreme change in the

attitudes of today’s hair designs. There exist today a huge new range of artistic freedom and a greater desire for frequent changes in

hair fashion, resulting in increased spending on the part of the wearers.

There are no parameters where lengths, textures, lines and most certainly colors are concerned. Anything goes. Bright, fantasy shades

are just as commonplace as the most conservative hues imaginable. It is a direct repercussion of the forces emanating from the cartoon

era of video games, Rock and Roll, Hip Hop and the continuously merging international cultures of the twenty first century.


The commerce in natural hair is currently surpassing any other products in the beauty industry. Even persons of the lowest economic

strata who wear hair are not adverse to paying exorbitant prices. This practice of wearing commercial hair has become so commonplace

that it is rare to see a stylish black women without this fabulous fashion accessory.

Even with all those tremendous numbers of woman who chose this means of wearing there hair, there are almost just as many that

choose to wear the styles of natural hair, which has never before been seen in such an infinite variety of exciting hair designs as are

popular today. Not even in the late Sixties, when the Afro was popular as an expression of racial pride has it claim the imagination of

so many artists and fascinated so many consumers.


The United States is currently the leader of hair sales in the world, however any place in the world where there is a population of black

people, it is a superb place to be in the hair business. Although classic and futuristic looks that are prevalent today is constantly being

developed in a variety of countries.


Like most commercial resources, it is a question of supply and demand. the growing market is forcing manufacturers to seek new sources

for hair. One of the fastest growing markets for the raw or virgin hair is being harvested in increasing amounts in India. It is of a finer variety

and has a softer texture than common to most Asian hair. This makes it attractive to those who are willing to spend more and engage in

creating lighter colors that were formerly looked upon as being in poor taste.


Today, Thanks to India and some of the Chinese manufacturers that are willing to deal on a wholesale basis with the black stylist/salon

owners we see a great many more salons offering hair for sale.

Keep up the good work hairdressers, There is a mountain of gold in the hair trade and anyone can get into the business.