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What is International I Love Braids Day (IILBD)?
July 29th is International I Love Braids Day. It is a joyous occasion to honor the history and design of Braids as a cultural and artistic expression of beauty. Braids have a long, proud history that can be traced as far back as 30,000 years ago.

Founder Debra Hare-Bey created this day as a reminder of the importance Braids once held in the past, and the self-confidence, empowerment and beauty they spark and inspire today. Braids are an integral part of culture and world history.

International I Love Braids Day is dedicated to the cultivation of Braids. It is the crowning glory for the legacy of Braids. To date, IILBD has received two Proclamations— Trenton, NJ (Mayor Reed Gusciora) and Brooklyn, NY (Borough President Eric Adams). July 29th is the official day to celebrate International I Love Braids Day. Now 48 more states to go and the continent of Africa!

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