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Crown Beauty Supply’s mission is not only about selling beauty products, but also promoting inclusivity, customer satisfaction, and self-confidence. It reflects a holistic approach to beauty that goes beyond external appearance and embraces the idea that everyone is inherently valuable.

Find your beauty from the inside, out.
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Founder and Owner Kim Patrick is a lifelong resident of Washington who has gained a strong passion for community. In 2011, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business, which laid the foundation for her future entrepreneurial endeavors. Kim has dedicated over 20 years of her career to the Customer Services industry which equipped her with valuable skills and insights into customer needs and service excellence. While residing in Puyallup, saw the growth in the People of Color (POC) demographic in her city as well as surrounding areas. Despite the growth, there continued to be a lack of access to essential beauty products, particularly those catering to diverse hair and skin types, was very limited for this growing demographic. Fueled by her passion for serving her community and addressing this gap in the market, Kim made a pivotal decision to embark on the journey of founding Crown Beauty Supply. The business is dedicated to providing a vast selection of beauty products that meet the specific needs of the diverse POC demographic in her area. Crown Beauty Supply’s commitment is to make a positive impact by ensuring that everyone, regardless of their skin or hair type, has access to essential beauty products and services in her community.
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