Lookr is a social commerce platform designed to enhance the quality of and access to hair care products & services throughout the United States. The entire platform consists of 2 mobile apps segmented into LookR, designed for the consumer socializing and shopping experience and LookR Biz, designed for Hair Stylists and Beauty Supply Merchants.

Beauty & Haircare Consumers
LookR will enable a user to select their natural hair type 4C(Kinky) – 1A( Straight) and they will be able to find both hairstylists who have experience work with their natural hair type and texture and guidance from other women in their region who share their hair type. (what beauty supply is the best? , what stylist to you use? , what product do you use? ).

Independent Stylists, Barbers, and Beauty Suppliers
LookR Biz allows business owners to easily keep customers engaged outside of the shopping experience via posts of new available brands or services, posts about their involvement in regional beauty events to build brand awareness, and to help them stay abreast of key hair texture focused influencers and new beauty brands they ought to start selling.

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