March 2024 


B.O.B.S.A. has hired a Strategic Communications-Corporate Underwriter Service Consultancy Entity; wherein the forefront of collective-Community Reinvestments Act. (CRA)., Community Improvement District (CIDs) and Smallest Business Commercialization (SBC) Utilization Accounts-Development, for B.O.B.S.A’s Membership-benefit and Marketplace Growth Opportunities. 


ReCalling Investments Pay ( of Washington, D.C: The Agency’s Corporate-Responsibility and Governmental Accountability at B.O.B.S.A., is to align the Actions of B.O.B.S.A. with the Federal Reserve Investments Connection-Criteria. Wherein a snap-shot of Federal Reserves Investments Connection (FRIC), ‘At A Glance’ ~ a population of 171, 334 and with a medium income of $150,000.00 per household in said zip code. -Retail commercial spaces within the economy; salons at only .01% (1,715 consumers) at $200.00 per-sale-annually would generate $343.000.00. To which FRIC and’s National approach to Economic Inclusion and Best-Business-Practices, that determines Financial-worthiness of targeted populations, etc. –  B.O.B.S.A. is happy to have this new system to the growth of our membership and their services. 


In furtherance, we highlight a Black Business-World Wide Technology, Inc. ( with a gross-net worth of $17b (more than the global black haircare industry net worth); where as a Corporate Underwriter Service also will represent B.O.B.S.A. in Partnership Proposal Submissions with such ‘alike’ companies.  

       World Wide Technology Raceway.  WWT also sponsors PGA golfer Graeme McDowell[32] and PGA Tour Champions golfer Billy Andrade[33]

Enclosed CEO 2 CEO Adopt A Neighborhood Service Plans (LINK), referenced Black Hair Economy Ad. And Adopt A Neighborhood Cooperative Investment slink:U.S. Economic Development Administration, FY 2024 Congressional Budget Justification,and the systematic Inter Agency Agreements (IAAs) that make-up-B.O.B.S.A

under the Adopt A Neighborhood (CRA) Profile. 

Ask about the 4-Days ~ 3-Nights vacation and annual investment service plans that are all part of the New B.O.B.S.A . 2024. 

CONTACT ME TODAY TO ADOPT HAYNEVILLE, AL. And too learn more about the investment opportunities into your business at Rip .


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