New BOBSA Member

Well words can’t express how good God has been to us. He has showed up and showed out in my life in this past year!! I’m so excited and proud to say that we are officially the new owners of the first full scale Black owned beauty supply in the Tulsa area…. 811 N. Wood Dr

Okmulgee OK 74447

We are beyond thankful. Because in mans eyes we definitely couldn’t have done this ….. But God. No one would probably believe me when I tell them how this all happened. But 2 years ago when I asked God to deliver me from Gambling, I developed a much closer relationship with God. I began to run after God with everything. My desire was to get closer to HIM, even though many things were so rough around me. HE ministered to my heart and said for me to Tithe 10% of EVERYTHING that I earn and see that HE wouldn’t pour me out a blessing I wouldn’t have room to receive. This is asked of every person that is a believer but many of us fall short because we look at what our eyes see that we don’t have. Instead of tithing IN FAITH. I trusted Him and when I tell you I mean I gave 10% no matter if it was a $100 fence Job Dajaun did on the side all the way up to $10,000 job! He started opening doors that we where being blessed with so much extra income and ideas of how to get the money needed! God began to give me ideas on business and so many others and I kept saying well God I know if you are giving me this you are going to make a way because we don’t qualify for the types of Loans needed for these kids of business. But here we are. You’d be reading a novel if I gave you all the details of how this transpired. All my close friends have had to hear my cry and tell the story enough Lol. But thank you to all those who prayed with us and have encouraging words. We love you all and Remember.. “Seek FIRST the kingdom of heaven AND HIS righteousness and all these things will be added good measure pressed down and shaken together”..


Last but not least I’d like to thank Sam Alex Ennon with BOBSA (Black Owned Beauty Supply Association) for all their help. They have been wonderful. If anyone is looking to do this and jump into this movement give him a call. He’s very personable and will help you with all your questions and guide you in the right direction! Don’t run to do this alone. Trust me! It’s a lot of road blocks you run into in this industry if you don’t know the right people. Let them help you!

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