habesha family

Eyat Kendra, Founder Of Habesha

Welcome new BOBSA member ,”Natural Care For African Hair”, TX

We here at Habesha are truly grateful to be a part of BOBSA and look forward to working with you to achieve our dreams and expand black economics. Here is a quick bio of myself and how Habesha got started.

Born and raised on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Kendra Monchery is a hair stylist who specializes in the holistic care and maintenance of African hair. A wife and mother of two, with the support of husband, Casey Polius the two aim to establish Habesha as a premiere natural and holistic brand.

As a career stylist who also wears her hair natural, Kendra understands all too well the woes of women where it comes to the maintenance and presentation of their curly/ kinky/ natural hair. As a vegan, she has long been aware of the benefits of using botanical products. Kendra had already developed a host of potent solutions, which addresses the common problems in caring for African hair.

Habesha was born as a response to the demand for bath and body products void of harmful ingredients. Today Habesha Naturals is sold at four outlets in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Through Habesha Naturals, Kendra shares a wealth of information which she has acquired throughout this journey. Habesha offers quality hand crafted, nutrient rich solutions, to strengthen, protect, and restore the hair and skin.