October 2010

Black Hair Income

How does currency manipulation effect the black hair industry?William Good wrote on October 12, 2010:Because Black Hair Income takes a global view of the industry here is my opinion on the China Currency Manipulation issue.—— Flood of ProductI have been watching this China currency issue very closely and something is about to happen. I have mentioned this in previous e-mails. The ENTIRE beauty supply industry is based on China’s goods. Majority of the products for sell in the beauty supply stores are shipped from China everyday.Imagine going to a distribution center for beauty supply stores as big as three football fields and it is filled from floor to ceiling with EVERYTHING you can think of. From rubber bands to weave to curling irons. You name it.Imagine standing there as $30,000 worth of stocking caps or $140,000 worth of wigs are sold. I have seen it countless time in several states around the country. These hubs support hundreds of stores around the country.China is dumping their products here in America and not buy from America (they only lend to America.) Some say it the reason for the recession we are still in.—— My PredicationHere’s how I see it.As artificially cheap Chinese goods continuously choke the economy, America has to counter with tariffs on their exports. Starting with industries that don’t have strong lobbying groups, like the black hair care industry. (The Korean’s may lobby against tariffs, but we can make a case for them). We need to be the loudest voices for tariffs for unworked hair (weave and wigs) and all Chinese imported dry goods.The instant these product cost more to import, black entrepreneurs all over the world will/can compete for the market. The United States needs to jump start the economy, so they have to apply pressure and urgency through tariffs.—— It’s starting to heat upCheck out this article and videos :VideosReally Good Article about China Currency Manipulation—— ConclusionThe black hair industry will look much different in years to come. If thecurrency war starts then America will have to look to China not as allies but as enemies. If Chinese goods can’t come into America, this will leave a massive HOLE in the black hair industry.What do you think?Return to the top