Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies

Hello Entrepreneurs,

I am excited about your products being showcased in Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies in Trenton, New Jersey.

Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies is striving to be a boutique Beauty Supply store that not only provides retail hair products to the masses but giving exposure to African American small businesses that create quality products for our communities who may not know you exist, so I am honored about providing a platform to you all.

We are currently renovating the space and looking forward to reaching out to everyone in a few weeks to place my order as we are anticipating a wonderful Grand Opening – target date, Saturday, January 17, 2015, in time for Martin Luther King Birthday. I would love for you all to be there and have you on film so that folks can meet you and be inspired by your creativity. We are urging folks to bring friends and family to support you and the business.

I am also asking each of you to forward me a copy of your bio to be placed near your product for the community to read about your passion of the business and what brought each of you to where you are today as a company. If anyone has not told you all, I appreciate your products and your love for what you do.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. Again, thank you so much and looking forward to doing business with you all.


Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies
phone: (609) 218- 5883