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Dear Licensed Beauty Professionals,

I am Tamara Johnson and for 18 years, I “was” (past tense) a Licensed Beauty Professional. I did just what you do. I provided “professional” services, in a “professional” salon, at a “professional” price. When I came into this industry, I was fascinated with everything about it! I loved the image! I loved the look! I worked in high-end salons where they walked the walked and talked the talked. I loved it! Then over the course of time, I realized that I was witnessing a shift, a change. Salons were closing, more and more unlicensed individuals were working in the industry, Licensed Beauty Professional’s were looking for second jobs and leaving the industry completely….. What in the world was happening????

I reached out to the state board and a national organization, who supposedly had our backs, and realized that this was deeper than Licensed Beauty Professional’s and rooted in something that we could not even imagine…. Individually, I could not fix this! Individually, you cannot fix this! Individually, we cannot stop the demise of the Licensed Beauty Professional and this is where your money is!

The beauty industry is political, point, blank, period! Licensed Beauty Professional’s have NEVER, EVER, EVER been involved in politics. Hell, we don’t even vote and if we do, it’s for the President, who, ironically, has no control on your day-to-day life! It’s our local races that matter the most…. Nevertheless, the beauty industry is political and the laws, rules and regulations that govern this industry, state-to-state, Licensed Beauty Professional’s did not write them, nor did they have a seat at the table! None of them work in your best interest! None of them! NEVER, EVER, EVER were Licensed Beauty Professional’s considered in how the beauty industry would operate! And, this is where your money is!

Licensed Beauty Professional’s must be organized in their efforts and mobilized in their actions! DERUGULATION is real! DEREGULATION is now! We started a movement 3 years ago and we are now two organizations. We have to attack this from two perspectives. (1) We are The Concerned Beauty Professionals and we have a FEDERAL ALLIANCE with OSHA and Georgia Tech. Licensed Beauty Professional’s, you must now have researched, documented, scientific studies to prove to our “state legislators” why you must be licensed! OSHA and Georgia Tech will help us to do this but we must to be willing to help ourselves… (2) We are Politics Beauty and the Politics Beauty Network and with this, we are plugging you into the political process. We are introducing and engaging you into an organized effort, state-to-state, to legislation and the legislative process. This is a collective, consorted approach to changing the laws, rules and regulations that are working against the Licensed Beauty Professional, to take our industry back! This is where your money is!

Licensed Beauty Professional’s, on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, I ran for the Georgia State Senate. This was my first race, ever, and I garnished 37%, over 18,000 votes against a long term, sitting incumbent. All I needed was 13% + 1 vote to be on the inside of the legislative process to help you but, like Democrats across the nation, I did not win against the Republican regime. Licensed Beauty Professional’s, you won’t win either if you don’t rise up and take your industry back! Republicans want less and less government and they want the market place to be open with more free enterprise. That means, more and more people will be allowed to operate without “red tape” and government intervention and more and more people will be flocking into the beauty industry. Mind you, legislators have asked me over and over again, “Why does your industry need to be licensed?” “If you have been educated, in some capacity, why do you have to be licensed?” This is why our FEDERAL ALLIANCE with OSHA and Georgia Tech is so important! This is why we have to advocate for our industry and be engaged in the political process…. This is where your money is!

Licensed Beauty Professional’s, no longer is the day that you are robbed of what is yours! No longer is the day that you turn a blind’s eye! No longer is the day that you ignore what is killing you! No longer is the day that you allow others to dictate your futures as they have done your past! No longer is day they that you do not rise up and take control of your industry! No longer is the day that you allow UNLICENSED individuals to work in this industry and steal what belongs to you, your children and your children’s children. The bible says that you leave an inheritance for your children’s children and the professional license is yours! Do not let it die! Rise up Licensed Beauty Professional’s! Rise Up and let’s take your industry back!!!!

I am Tamara Johnson!

Politics Beauty, www.PoliticsBeauty.org

The Concerned Beauty Professional, www.TheCBP.net