The membership Program for vendors and partners that want to be in our network and not necessarily sell products. Vendors get access to our membership, but not a list of the members. All promotions, flyers, etc. must be approved by BOBSA to promote services. We send out email blasts twice a month for 12 months and place them in our network partners directory on the BOBSA’s website and social media platforms.

$5.00 / month

The BOBSA Vendor Program, Where Small-Scale Hair Product Manufacturers Find Support and Success!

In the dynamic world of hair product innovation, the BOBSA Vendor Program offers essential support for small one-person enterprises and manufacturers. Recognizing the unique challenges they face, we provide specialized handling and unwavering support to help them succeed in the market.

Under the Vendor Program, BOBSA offers:

🌟 Marketing Support: Tailored assistance to promote products and reach a wider audience. 🌟 Distribution Assistance: Guidance to ensure products are available in retail stores and online platforms.

Elevate Your Hair Product Business with BOBSA: Where Expertise and Support Meet Innovation!

In addition to essential marketing and distribution aid, vendors enrolled in our program benefit from:

🌟 Product Development Guidance: Expert advice on creating a competitive product line. 🌟 Quality Control Assistance: Assurance that products meet industry standards. 🌟 Networking Opportunities: Connections with potential distributors, retailers, and industry professionals.