The Shop Members Only Website Special

Feb 3, 2020

The Shop Website Offer

Only For Bobsa Members

B.O.B.S.A is pleased to announce this special offer from our partners at Local Business Websites.

What you will be receiving as a part of The Shop affiliate program from our tech partner *LBW, is your very own, standalone site. We will use your domain name and your own space on our server (or a server of your choice). Most affiliate programs connect you to the parent site. You do not have your own personal domain name, or you row space on a server. In that scenario, if the parent site ever goes down or offline, it takes all the affiliate sites down with it. With our solution, your site is not tied to the parent site and you can add or subtract as many different items to your site as you wish. Making your site truly YOUR business!
To begin the creation of your affiliate site *LBW will need the following:
* Your domain name & the u/n and p/w for the site that you used to register so that we can point your site to your hosting company.
* Your merchant account information (PayPal or something similar).
* Your logo. We prefer that you send us your logo as a Vector image and size of the logo should be 93×43 pixel. We can also use JPEG or PNG but please make sure the image is large and crisp.
* Your contact us page info (email address you would like all contact sent to and any other information you would like added to page. Please refer to for example.)
* All social media links so we can add them to your site to help with your marketing of your new site.

For example, All sales that come through your website, If a Item is price on the website at $35 your discount of 35% will be $22.75, earning a profit of $12.25. All orders are processed and shipped within 3 to 5 days

With this special package not only do you get a professionally built website for your  Business (A $4000 Value).

Website Design Special : Now you can have your on Barber shop store online

  • Professionally set-up Barbershop Website
  • Your logo
  • Business E commerce Online Storefront Websites for a Barber
  • Contact us or Request Information forms
  • User friendly back office
  • Optimized site for maximum search engine visibility
  • Award winning publishing software, designed for long term business growth
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Technical Support (setting up your email accounts)
  • SEO Optimization
  • Social Media Setup (like/share/tweet your business pages on social media sites Like Facebook,Twitter and Google+ with the click of a button )
  • Social Buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ex. like your Facebook Business Landing Page from your business website)
  • Facebook API Integration To Your Website (if Applicable)
  • *Facebook Landing Page Setup (if Applicable)
  • Local Business Search Setup (if Applicable)
  • Monthly Search Engine Submissions
  • You stock no inventory
  • purchases are dropship to your customers
  • You’re store will carry all top brand means

Start Your Online Ecommerce Website Today

Offer Only Available to B.O.B.S.A. Members

Monthly Program $500.00 for the first month, then $50.00 for each month.
Yearly Program $1,000.00 for the first year (Includes $500 Setup fee and your first year of hosting), then $500.00 for each year

According To Quora The Average Cost Of Websites Are as Follows:
1) Simple Website: $1000 To $1500
2) Complex Website : $1500 To $3000
3) eCommerce Website : $4000 To $10000

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