BOBSA is the premier national organization that provides African American’s the platform to demonstrate competitive leadership in the $9 billion dollar Black Hair Care & Cosmetic Industry nationwide and internationally.

As a major modern American industry founded by African-American women, it is our responsibility in honor of their entrepreneurial spirit, to distinguish ourselves by demonstrating ethical leadership in commanding ownership in this arena. We endorse integrity and respect in all facets of this industry, in business endeavors and in service to our community. We recognize, value, and seek out those individuals and businesses that have a positive impact on related traditional and new hair care institutions. We have established to connect the black dots.

The industry that serves millions of African-Americans and billions of black people worldwide has to respect us. We were formed to help you grow your ideas into reality. How can we help you is the question that lead with and have since our founding 9 years ago.

We would love to help you succeed.