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Services and opportunities we offer.


Helpful Resources At Your Fingertips

Over The Phone Advice

Get consulting over the phone.

B.O.B.S.A. offers Over The Phone Only Advise Services for those seeking mimimuim consulting for there business.

$300.00 for 6 months

Consulting Services

We offer fee for services for consultation or facilitating your project, idea, or business venture. During each engagement, we sign a contract to affirm strong confidentiality and ethics in project performed.

We help you to create Your Own Brand:

  • Private Label is a finished product, which is decorated and labeled at your request.
  • Contract Manufacturing – create your unique product of formulation and packaging.
  • Packaging – The package of your dream product is almost as important as the ingredients of your creation.

We can offer you a selection of stock packages that best highlight your brand. If you have a particular request, we will refer you to member suppliers which whom we work with to give your product a customized look.

From: $1,500.00 for 6 months

Commercial Real Estate Directory Listing

Help Find a property for your business.

Using our resources with real estate agents and/or companies that specialize in real estate and commercial property will help get you more options to get your brick and mortor location open. 

Getting your company’s location in our Directory and our resources forum so members can find you and get directions to your business location.