Sony Wigs Out Over the Smart Wig

Most large tech companies are either making wearable
devices, or at least showing an interest in them. Sony’s got a smartwatch,
sure, but it’s bored of such “in-the-box” thinking. Either that, or
someone at Sony’s been hitting the pipe, as the company’s trying to patent what
it calls a “SmartWig” (yeah, seriously). The application describes a
standard wig that could “be made from horse hair, human hair, wool, feathers,
yak hair or any kind of synthetic material,” with a circuit board hidden
among those luscious locks. That board can talk to a “second computing
device” wirelessly — such as a phone or even a pair of smartglasses —
and actuators embedded in the hairpiece could “provide tactile feedback to
the user.” In other words, the wig could vibrate when you receive emails
and the like. The wig-chip could also include GPS and an ultrasound transducer,
with different regions buzzing to give navigation cues. If all that doesn’t
sound ludicrous enough, how about an integrated camera? Or, get this, a laser

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Sony Wigs Out Over the Smart Wig
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