Success Stories

We can not speak highly enough, about how much of a pleasure it is working with (B.O.B.S.A.). Sam has been an extremely valuable resource, and we couldn’t be any happier with the input of knowledge that Sam provided.

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After visiting the website, and speaking with BOBSA, we believed that  was capable of helping our business grow, but we were still blown away by the amount of personal attention we received. We also appreciate that Sam took a genuine interest in the success of our business, and it definitely shows in the work.


Even more than the great work, we appreciate (B.O.B.S.A.) Professionalism, and constant communication. It was certainly energizing.


We recommend  (B.O.B.S.A.) team with no reservation, and we are looking forward to continuing the relationship.

Curtis & Kimberly Jefferson

CEO, African Afro

BOBSA /Sam Ennon is a cross between the wise uncle I never had, and a guardian angel that watches out for me. Over the years, he has become more and more important to me and my business.

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At first, I was a bit skeptical that a B.O.B.S.A membership would be worth the money, but I felt so strongly about the mission, that I decided to take the plunge. I’m glad I did. Sam over delivers. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve received surprise phone calls from Sam. He regularly introduces me to customers and potential partners. I’m extremely grateful for his time, concern and effort spent helping me. Connecting people clearly brings him joy. The only thing Sam has ever asked of me is to keep him informed of my progress. When I do, he quickly offers so many opportunities and solutions to my problems, that I have difficulty keeping up. Always encouraging, and never disappointed by my slow pace, I couldn’t be happier with the way BOBSA/ Sam Ennon always treats me. I’m a dedicated B.O.B.S.A. member for life!

NebSa Harmon


I am recommending to all in the Hair Care business the support and consultation BOBSA and Mr. Sam Ennon gives to all BOBSA Members.

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iWeave was a small startup when we joined BOBSA. BOBSA and Sam help us create and implement our initial successful launch campaign and consultation on reliable product distributors. Sam’s expertise in the Hair Care industry coupled with his collaborative and innovative spirit made him the go-to expert for our most significant projects. Sam was detail-oriented, organized and always open to constructive feedback, making our business relationship both effortless and pleasant. I recommend any person who is deciding to start a business in the Hair Care industry to join BOBSA! Being a member of BOBSA allows you to tap into a tremendous resource of remarkable creativity and dedication to your business success. Best Regards,

Steven Campbell

CEO, iWeave International

Here is a word about BOBSA and its Director, Sam Ennon. In all the years I’ve been associated with this company, I’ve found it to be an example of professionalism.

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Any Service received is prompt, courteous, and efficient. They deliver a quality product for a fair and marketable price on your timetable. They are especially sensitive to the requirements of black consumers. Conducting business with Mr. Ennon or BOBSA is truly an exercise in business processes A plus. A primary reason for adding the BOBSA brand on my websites as a trusted associate.

Codis Hampton II


When I started Lookr I was extremely new to the hair industry and in particular, I struggled to find reliable data about the Beauty Supply industry. After discovering Sam Ennon and BOBSA in a Youtube video, I reached out to Sam via a phone call and left a message.

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I was extremely surprised at his willingness to share his insight with me about the industry. Sam never held back any of his contacts and he even helped connect me with potential venture investors. As a result of Sam’s reliableness, I have reached out to him several times to met with young women I have met throughout this startup journey, who express interest in starting their own hair product lines. Sam has always made himself available to chat. To any Black Haircare entrepreneur, be is a stylists, barber, or beauty supply owner, I would highly recommend them to join BOBSA ASAP and to make time to be mentored by Sam Ennon, the Founder of the Black Owned Beauty Supply Association.


Devon Burnett

Founder of LookR, LookR, The Natural Haircare App

When I first virtually met Sam Ennon from BOBSA, I realized that he was a treasure trove of information where all things about the black hair care industry were concerned.

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Not only did he share so much about the history of black hair care, he has worked successfully in the industry, has grown brands and has also interacted with a lot of the players in the industry. Sam’s passion given his deep industry knowledge, experience and contacts, is to connect black hair care business owners with resources and with each other to share best practices, do business together and influence the ownership of successful black enterprises in the hair care industry. I’ve learned a lot from Sam and his input has helped us navigate the complex hair care industry while informing marketing strategies. Naturaz, our brand, is now online, in big box retail stores, beauty supply stores. I look forward to our continued partnership and collaboration as we continue to grow our business.

Mumbi Dunjwa

Founder of Naturaz (, Naturaz

After being in the Hair and Beauty Industry for over 20 years, Nicole had observed the lack of respect and professionalism in the hair and beauty industry. Because of this, she felt compelled to create an organization called BBIN (Beauty, Barber Industry Network.) At first, the lack of support and commitment seemed to get the best of her, but through it all, she remained faithful, focused and diligent.

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Her drive and determination paid off. While attending a hair replacement seminar, in Las Vegas in January 2007, she was introduced to BOBSA (the Black-Owned Beauty Supply Association) thru a DVD called “The Korean Takeover” headquartered in Oakland, California, founded by Sam Ennon. Mr. Ennon created BOBSA to empower Black beauty suppliers to compete with other groups in the black hair care industry. It was then that Nicole discovered that there was already a national movement taking place, connecting Black salons to Black distributors and manufacturers across the country. After connecting, Mr. Ennon was so impressed with Nicole’s passion, research and organizational skills that in February 2007, he appointed Nicole as President of BOBSA Ohio Regional Chapter, the first national Chapter. Cincinnati is the headquarters for this newly formed chapter: “This opportunity has given me a purpose in life, it has been the driving force to my success in the Salon business. Cincinnati is the headquarters for this newly formed chapter. It was to become a prototype for future BOBSA chapters nationwide. When I took position as an executive director, this position taught me how to develop an exciting and competent Board of Directors, book fundraiser event, create membership drives, and spearheading educational seminars on “Connecting the Dots” within the Black hair care industry. BOBSA’s Ohio Chapter was leading the change and making no apologies in its efforts to bring about change in the African American community through the Black beauty industry. With Sam appointing as President of the Ohio Chapter, the mission of BOBSA ignited me to be on a mission to make history in Cincinnati by developing more entrepreneurial African Americans. This experience gave me the knowledge of how to move with purpose, how important it is to be passionate, driven and how one must truly believe in the mission of an organization you represent. Also, being President of BOBSA Ohio Chapter created opportunities for me to dwell in spaces that I wouldn’t have been in if it wasn’t for BOBSA’s mission. I also received the necessary support as a business owner, attracted key stake holders and built valuable business relationships that has lasted over a lifetime within the Cincinnati and Ohio region. Although, BOBSA Ohio has taken a pause because of my new career path, Sam and I continue to stay in touch to encourage one another, share updates of the industry and seek ways to continue the support for one another in any endeavors that we may encounter. Sam Ennon, thank you for trusting me with your “baby’, trusting that I would nurturer and respect the brand that was gifted to you! This business relationship has created a model of how awesome, beautiful, valuable and necessary it is for black people to support one another, genuinely!” Nicole Lee

Ms. Nicole Lee

20-year veteran managing cosmetologist and salon owner, Warrior Moms