‘The Collection’ providing 100% virgin human hair, completely natural and of the highest quality.
Our goal is to provide you with consistent access to a variety of unique virgin hair that not only versatile, but will also last a very long time having being manufactured to the highest health and hygiene standards.
There are five categories –
1.100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair/ Bulk(per kg.)
2. 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair/ processed/ wafted / weaves
3. 100% Brazilian Human hair
4. 100% Human Hair; Chinese and Malaysian hair;
5. Custom made wigs and hairpieces:
Lace wigs: Full and Front Lace, any length any color.
6..Hair Extension: keratin hair, Ponytails , bangs, Clip-on Hair, Pre-bonded Hair etc
7.Synthetic hair , braid hair
Based on the philosophy of good faith business practices and long term business cooperation, The Collection strives to be a leader in innovation, hair design technology and customer service.
The Collection devote to helping every woman’s dream come true in the fashion of hair products..

About Our Hair
Premium Quality Virgin Hair Extensions
The Collection’s Remy hair extensions are like no other as the virgin hair used only has cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to end. This ensures the extensions behave exactly like your own hair and guarantees a natural wave, fullness, luster and remarkable usability. The Collection hair is light in weight and supple, which gives it natural flow and movement. Chemical free, The Collection hair will enhance the length, color and texture of your natural hair, leaving you with a flawless and refined weave or hair extension style. The Collection hair can be washed, blow dried, curled, flat ironed, colored and permed while still maintaining its original beauty and vitality.
The Collection six collections of premium hair extension products set the standard for the Industry. Indique is for everyone! Our exclusive collections cater for people of all ages, ethnicities and hair types offering unmatched longevity.

The Collection Brazilian hair
The Collection Brazilian Wave style hair offers a luxuriously soft, low maintenance install that will last 12-24 months with proper care. This texture blends seamlessly with most hair types (mid to course) and can be colored, straightened and styled with ease. Free maintenance guide available.

What weight are our bundles of hair?
Our bundles are around 100g 5g≤100g≥5g of hand inspected,

Certified 100% premium Remy human hair.

How much hair do I need?
Typical installs up to 16” require 2~3 bundles. Installs from 18” – 24” will need 3 bundles. 26” and up will need 3 or 4 bundles depending on how full you want your hair to look.

What colors do you offer?
Because these bundles are genuine virgin human hair, the colors may vary. Typically bundles are a #1B in color but we have lighter and darker. Just leave us a note in the comment section if you need a specific shade other than #1B (dark brown – close to black) and we will accommodate.

Can this hair be colored?
Yes. Easily. If you intend to bleach your bundles, please let us know in the notes section so we can send you the lightest bundles we have. These will be much easier to lift. When using hair bleach we recommend nothing stronger than a 20 volume developer. Be sure to keep color treated hair conditioned and moisturized.

Will this hair shed and tangle?
All of our My Hair™ bundles are wefted with intact and aligned cuticles, which prevents the hair from tangling, however please be aware that ALL human hair has the ability to tangle if it is not maintained and will likely experience LIMITED shedding – this is normal and unavoidable and would happen the same way if the hair was growing straight from your scalp. Use of a silk bonnet or wrap while sleeping and keeping the hair clean and conditioned are the best ways to ensure your investment lasts.

Are the bundles co-washed?
Your bundles will ship pre-washed with the wefts sealed, however we suggest washing and conditioning your bundles prior to install – this is REAL human hair and it LOVES a fresh wash and condition.

What size are the matching closures
Our closures and Original Illusion frontals are 14” long. The lace base on the closures is 4×4. The lace base on the frontal is 13”x5” (ear to ear)
Try The Collection, you’ll be very happy you did.

  • Care Instructions
  • Keep hair clean by washing weekly with lukewarm water.
  • Try to avoid shampoos with sulfates and alcohol or with a PH balance higher than 7.
  • Co-washing is highly recommended to clean the hair and maintain its luster.
  • Gently massage moisturizing conditioner into hair shaft; distribute the conditioner evenly with a wide tooth come from end to root.
  • Air drying is preferred  but you may gently pat the hair with a towel to rid it of excess water.


Too many styling products may cause buildup, it is important not to put too much product in your hair.
When using heating tools on the hair it is best to use a heat protectant.
Reduce the amount stress on the hair and weft at night by making a couple of loose braids and sleeping with a satin bonnet or pillowcase.
Never go to bed with the hair wet. Doing so can cause tangles and matting.
Treat your Virgin Human Hair as if it were your own and enjoy being glamorous!
The difference between Chinese here in Indian hair
Chinese hair every root is thincker than Indian hair, so its more washable last longer. And more smooth feels good, while Indian hair is common selling since its soft and US customers mostly like soft human hair

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