The Hair That Bonds Us

The MYAVANA team has curated the C.A.R.E process which entails four steps to achieving hair nirvana using MYAVANA SI (Scientific Intelligence). Each step was carefully crafted which allows our customers to be educated and supported along their hair and life journeys.

The C.A.R.E process is outlined below:

1. Consult – Schedule your pre-analysis consultation with your personal hair coach who will flesh out your hair challenges, goals and needs…

2. Analyze – Your hair samples will be analyzed in our lab to determine your hair type, texture, and condition etc.

3. Recommend – Using these results, we will develop your custom healthy hair care plan to reach your hair goals.

4. Educate – Schedule your post analysis consultation with your hair coach where you will be provided with personalized hair care guidance based on their Hair ID.

Still have questions about where you are in the process?

Opt-In to SMS messages to contact our CARE Team. Text CARE to 404-962-0686 to get started today.

MYAVANA makes its debut appearance for the International Beauty Showcase. We meet the MYAVANA team and hear the ladies’ feelings & anticipation running this year’s Powerhouse Pavillion. Candace believes MYAVANA’s premiere is divine timing. “This is just the beginning,” Shirley encourages her daughter. “Alright, let’s go!” Candace.

In this video, MYAVANA acknowledge the leaders and game-changers in the hair and beauty industry at the Power House Pavillion. They discuss the ecosystem they built to advance the beauty entrepreneurs and educators community and pay homage to those who paved the way. Industry experts also share their experiences of being honored by MYAVANA, emphasizing the importance of representation and partnership.

“Having a great team is what makes dreams come true. When you can bring women together, it’s magical,” Robin explains. We hear from the ladies what it means to work with MYAVANA. The MYAVANA team describes themselves as a spiritual and intellectually safe sisterhood empowering each other to show their Black Girl Magic to its fullest! The team thanks Candace for providing a safe space for entrepreneurs, and she, in turn, thanks her team for supporting her dream.

Beauty experts and the MYAVANA team discuss how MYAVANA is changing their industry, helping consumers love their hair through AI Innovation. Shirley explains her passion for educating the attendees about MYAVANA through her experience as a consumer herself. Tanisha recalls the shocked faces of attendees as she explained their Hair IDs. The ladies discuss their favorite moments of the trip. They all agree MYAVANA has been received as a tool to help build consumers’ esteem for their hair through education.

“It takes ten years to be an overnight success,” Candace believes her success stems from her community and her relentlessly pursuing of her goals. We witness family, industry insiders, and friends’ accounts recalling Candace’s dedication to her vision for MYAVANA. We end the series with closing remarks about attending IBS and the future of MYAVANA.

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