February 2024

The History Of Black Hair Care Part 7a Of 10

During the 1975 to 2015, Black-owned hair care manufacturers faced numerous challenges, including discrimination and a lack of access to funding and resources. Despite these obstacles, many Black-owned hair care manufacturers were able to establish successful businesses, in large part due to independent sales reps because of there hard work and dedication.

Rudolph Biles was a sales representative for Posner Cosmetics, a company that specialized in producing high-quality makeup and beauty products for people of color. Biles was responsible for promoting the company’s products and increasing sales in his assigned territories. He was highly regarded in the beauty industry for his dedication to his work and his ability to build strong relationships with his clients.


Another influential sales representative during this time was James Williams, who worked for Professional Beauty Broker. Williams was known for his exceptional knowledge of the beauty industry and his ability to connect with clients on a personal level. He helped to promote and distribute the company’s products, which included a wide range of hair care and beauty products.


Kim Hazley was another important figure in the black hair care industry during this period. As a sales representative for L.C. John Brown. Hazley worked for Brown & Graves Sales & Marketing, where he was responsible for promoting and selling a variety of hair care products to clients in his assigned territories. He was highly respected by both his colleagues and clients for his knowledge and expertise in the industry.  

Here is a few other sales reps that was a part of independent sales reps group, Bob Bowser, Sam Perriman,Calvin Dix,Bernell Williams, Lenard Chatman, Cyrus Jackson and there were two sales reps that was well known in the black hair care industry was not black, Ron Adams and Ted Fishman. But they played and important role in the black hair care industry.



Other notable black-owned hair manufacturing companies during this period

*Dudley Products Inc, Soft Sheen-Carson LLC, Luster Products, Inc, California Curl Inc, Bonner Brothers, Inc. (BB), Johnson Products Company, Inc, World Of Curls (WOC), Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau, These companies also had their own sales representatives who worked tirelessly to promote and sell their products across the country.

*But Mr.Joe Dudley Sr. Founder

Of Dudley Company had a unique sales organization all of the sales reps that work for deadly did not work for any other company and so exclusively to salons only

The sales structure at Dudley’s helped to build trust and accountability between the company and its sales reps in several ways. Firstly, by requiring sales reps to manage a significant amount of inventory in their vans and focus on selling directly to salons, the company showed that they trusted their reps to handle important responsibilities. Additionally, the requirement for sales reps to turn in money using the United States Postal Service Money Gram at the end of each week added an element of accountability to the relationship. This process ensured that sales reps were transparent in their sales transactions and maintained accurate records of their sales. Overall, the structured sales approach at Dudley’s emphasized the importance of trust and accountability between the company and its sales reps, ultimately contributing to a strong and reliable sales organization.Overall, the sales representatives working for black-owned hair manufacturing companies played a critical role in promoting and selling products to consumers. Their hard work and dedication helped to build brand awareness and loyalty, and in turn, contributed to the growth and success of these company.

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