The Power Of Connecting The Black Dots

Congratulations to two sisters, Keonna, 21, and, Kayla, 19, from Moreno Valley, CA; they are the youngest African American women in the United States to open a beauty supply store. Their beauty supply store is KD Haircare Supply, LLC, located at 24453 Sunnymead Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA. Their positive story will help to encourage other young entrepreneurs to step out into the world of business so they too can leave a legacy.


However, just this week KD Haircare Supply informed BOBSA that a turn of events has taken place. The supplier of their products, including braiding hair, Local Hair Distributor, is refusing to extend KD Haircare Supply a contract to allow them to make purchases. When they contacted LHD, they were told LHD was not able to provide products to them for this reason: “Due to your publicity, other Korean beauty supply stores in the area contacted them and stated KD Haircare Supply is a threat to their business….LHD didn’t want to upset their current customers and claimed you’re too close to them.”

KD Haircare Supply says, braiding hair is one of our top sellers and we feel we are being discriminated because we are known as the youngest African American business owners in California.” BOBSA is responding by asking its members to answer the survey……..TO BE CONTINUE ON UPCOMING NEWSLETTER. STAY TUNE!