The walking BILLBOARD!

The majority of Barbers in the United States are booth
renters and laws do not regulate booth renting in all states. With this said,
as a booth renter, Barbers are bound to Brand themselves inside of a Barber
Shop making the Branding efforts even more stressful. In reality, the Barber
must Brand himself in an effort to move his services beyond expectations inside
an industry that’s revolutionizing itself.

What does this mean for the American Barber?


Barbers today are Artists. Why not show their ART? Each
Barber possesses a unique method of Art that drives his or her client closer to
them. Word of mouth is still the number one proven method of advertising in the
world, but inside of our Industry not only is word of mouth is a great advantage
but we also show our Art on our clients head. Which in all reality makes our clients
walking billboards.

Think about this method of advertising for a second.
Billions of Americans start their journeys everyday regardless of their path,
this means it’s an enormous numbers game, “when I see these numbers, I get
excited and you still ask yourselves why ABDY get excited does?”


randing your client is the key to this game, think about
it! How can we all accomplish this? Your goal is to perform the best services
on each and every one of your clients so they can advertise YOU! Regardless of
the Barber Shop you may work in, your services as a Barber is the key to your
success. Happy clients equal a return client; which ultimately mean they are a
Walking Billboard to you!

“Let me know if you AGREE!”

How can we go WRONG?

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The walking BILLBOARD!
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