The Whole Woman

New Imageph3There is a new show coming to the online mix, “The Whole Woman” a show with a name that definitely defines what it is all about.

The show is one that will seek to help to improve the lives of women in every area, the show will deal with topics such as Breast Cancer, menopause, How to handle your finances, How to make more money, how to take care of your hair or your weave, How to cook quick and easy meals, How to keep your children balanced, how to take care of your health and so much more.

The show is set to launch on its own site beginning the 24th March at 12:00 noon.

The show’s host Regina Whylly is a seasoned Journalist who has worked for The Tribune, the leading newspaper in the Bahamas, as well as she has hosted her own radio show by the same name (The Whole Woman) on the leading gospel station in the Bahamas Joy 101.9 fm.

As a journalist, Mrs. Whylly has always sort to use the power of the pen to help to improve the lives of women, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially, through the articles she writes.

In addition, she worked hard to make sure that the guest she has invited on her radio show in the past provided information that made the lives of the listeners better. In like manner, she did the same with the guest she invited to be on her television show “The Whole Woman”, that originally aired on the leading television station in the Bahamas ZNS Channel 11 and I am sure she will do the same with her up coming online show.

According to Mrs.Whylly, “With the ever-growing technology of today, it almost same criminal not to place the show online where not just viewers in The Bahamas are able to enjoy it but persons from all around the world would have the same opportunity to view and enjoy the show”.

“I am excited about the opportunity that this now afford persons outside of the Bahamas, the ability to advertise to the viewers inside the Bahamas that they would not ordinarily be able to reach and vice versa”, she added.

She went on to say that because of the way the world is changing, it is so easy for persons to see something on the show and once the individual has a website, the viewer can go on that site and make a purchase in a matter of minutes.

The mother of two has always had a love for empowering women in every area of their lives, she takes every opportunity to speak to large groups of women on topics such as “You are Enough”, Self Esteem, Knowing Your Worth”, “The Importance of Being Whole For Yourself” and others.

She said that as women, we have a habit of taking care of everyone except ourselves but she said, the truth is that this is the wrong way around, simply because if you are not whole for yourself, you cannot be the part you are meant to be for others.

“Knowing who you are, loving yourself, loving others, laughing out loud when the occasion arises, taking care of your health, looking pretty and feeling good about where you are in your life, are all important things that make you know that you are alive and whole”, she laughed.

She confessed, “I laugh a lot, I tell my children, my family and friends that I love them every chance I get and when I say it I mean it and when I say it, it makes me feel great”.

In speaking with Mrs. Whylly, it is clear to see that she is genuine and determined about the way she lives her life, in some ways, her joy and enthusiasm almost seem contagious. “I look at my life and I have so much to be happy about, I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, The Bahamas, we have sun almost year round and what we call cold, the tourist that visit our shores think is funny. The fact that you are alive on any given day, is an amazing day, just know that the issues that come at you, you choose how you will deal with them and you have the choice to remain happy no matter what comes your way”, she concluded.

When I said contagious I meant it, so much so that I know, as you watch the show, you will be encouraged, empowered and made to feel happy, simply because I know that Regina will do her best to make sure of it.