To effectively target the African-American community, major hair companies need to understand and empathize with their specific needs and preferences. One way to accomplish this is by conducting thorough research on textured hair, including its characteristics, styling methods, and common challenges.

 Furthermore, collaborating with influences and experts from the African-American community who are knowledgeable about textured hair can provide valuable guidance. These individuals can help educate the companies on how to create products and marketing campaigns that truly resonate with the community.

 In terms of product offerings, hair companies should ensure they cater to a variety of textures and styles. This entails developing a diverse range of hair products specifically formulated for textured hair. Additionally, offering a wide selection of styling tools and accessories that cater to different curl patterns and hair densities is essential.

 Moreover, it’s crucial for these companies to prioritize inclusivity and representation in their marketing strategies. By featuring diverse models with textured hair in their advertising campaigns, they can celebrate and embrace the natural beauty of African-American hair. This approach helps connect with the target audience on a deeper level and builds trust and loyalty within the community.

 In summary, to successfully tap into the unique and uncontrollable textured hair market, major hair companies must understand and empathize with the specific needs and preferences of the African-American community. Research, collaboration with influencers, diverse product offerings, and prioritizing inclusivity in marketing are key steps towards achieving this.

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