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  • 2013 Bronner Bros. Mid-Summer Hair Show— Sizzling Style, Hot Venue for Trending Black Hair Care Products


    Atlanta – Over 60,000 stylists, exhibitors, distributors, cosmetology teachers and students swept into the Georgia World Congress Center to attend the 66th Bronner Bros. International Hair Show.  Show Manger Janet Wallace once again fulfilled the early vision of the Late N. H. Bronner Sr. to provide an unmatched forum to learn—engage—create.  From the classic, to the outrageous, one thing is sure.  The trendsetters are here. 


    Jerry Dingle, VP Marketing for Bronner & its NuExpressionsTM product line spoke about the natural hair care trend that is changing the industry.  “As the economy changed, we saw black women making economic decisions.  These decisions continue to have a very strong impact on manufacturers.  The  impact of natural hair with consumers is growing,” says Dingle.  “The hair industry has what I call revolutionary bite.  What I mean by that is that you have trendsetters.  As those trendsetters set the precedent of what the new trends are, you have revolutionary bite.  So it’s basically a trendsetting concept.  For example, Dorothy Dandridge, one of the world’s greatest entertainers, wore a classic look.   Our model is showcasing that classic, stylish look.  This style may bite—or it may not, today, but this is an example of revolutionary bite.  Black women created not only a trend, but a revolution by embracing their natural hair.  Natural hair is here to stay—and consumers demand products that are healthy, paraben free.”

    Jerry Dingle, VP Marketing Bronner Bros. with Model sporting classic Dorothy Dandridge waves
    Among the 300 exhibitors were three successful black hair care brands created in Atlanta’s own backyard—CEO Taliah Waajid’s Kinky, Wavy NaturalTM Hair Care Product lines, CEO DeShawn Bullard’s Nouritress Perfect Hair ProductTMlines, and Founder Cyrus Jackson’s line of Jamaican Mango and LimeTMloc and twist products.  But what about emerging businesses—where can they go for help?  Sam Ennon, President of B.O.B.S.A.—Black Owned Beauty Supply Association, was on hand to promote black hair advocacy.  Sam has been in the industry since his days in management for Clairol.   Making a decision to forge his own line of hair care products allowed Ennon to garner many industry lessons—lessons that he is willing to share.  With a guest appearance by Bernard Bronner at a special breakfast Sunday morning at the OMNI Hotel hosted by Jane Carter and Cyrus Jackson, a small room full of both new and established businesses joined together at the B.O.B.S.A. breakfast meeting to swap stories and share resources.  Sam has been able to provide a roadmap for numerous organizations, and the B.O.B.S.A. organization serves as a national, and global resource.  In attendance were business owners from all over the country, including New Jersey, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas who spoke about how BOBSA pointed them to important relationships and resources.  Many were able to learn about B.O.B.S.A. at its booth throughout the four-day hair convention. 
    As a young college graduate from Howard, Mark David Carter attended the show to launch his national online and print advertising publication, “MetroSALONPro.”  Carter has created a demand for his talent to photograph celebrities in his news publication.  In spite of lean resources, Mark knew that attending the show would impact his goals.  College graduate Haven Hobbs from St. Louis competed for the second time in the Barber Battle.  “It was when I was in college attending Southern Illinois University that I had an experience that led me choosing a career as a barber.  There was a guy who could really cut hair well.  When he cut my hair and gave me the mirror, it was in that moment that I felt like a new man.  I realized the power of a haircut, and never forgot it.  My wife has her master’s degree—she is a brain.  And even though I could have gone the corporate route, too, I chose to build my barber brand,” says Hobbs.  I am more of a traditional barber, and stick to the classic looks.  I placed third in the February competition and am determined to keep coming until I win.  The judges look a number of things, including ‘hair on the ground.’”  Although Haven Hobbs did not win (this time), his experience at both shows allowed him to promote his own personal brand.  Known in North County St. Louis as ‘Haven the Groomer,’ Hobb’s has coined his own branding tag–something called  “Groom Theory.”  What is ‘groom theory?’  Smiling, with a confident look in his eye, Hobbs explained.  “Groom Theory is when a barber takes the necessary steps to transform you in a way that will allow you to confront any challenge.”
    Whether master educator, cosmetology student, or a beauty fan who wants to see LisaRaye live at the show, there is something for everyone at the Bronner Bros. Hair show.  Between its two annual hair shows—Mid-Winter in February, and Mid-Summer in August, Bronner Bros. International brings in more than $55 million in economic impact for Atlanta’s economy according to Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau . 

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