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  • International Black Hair Summit: "The Business of Black Hair"

    International Black Hair Summit: “The Business of Black Hair”

    This powerful gathering will happen for 3-days, from October 22-25, 2014 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The venue is the Montego Bay Convention Centre. There will be presentations, panel discussions, and lots of networking. We will showcase our hair, our fashion, our style, our culture and we will make a difference.

    1.       Consider the following points:

    2.       Korean domination of Beauty Supply Stores and the retail side of the business

    3.       Major multi-national corporations like L’Oreal and Revlon dominate the manufacturing

    4.       Distribution is concentrated with retailers like Walmart and the Korean-owned beauty suppliers

    5.       Wholesale distribution of products is dominated by non-Black owned businesses

    6.       Government imposing burdensome and unnecessary licensing requirements on natural hairbraiders

    Collectively these realities attack our cultural legacy, our race-esteem and our ability to provide financially for the future 7 generations.

    These are global issues for the Black community. Imagine what else we could do simply by taking control, ownership and direction of this vital economic, business and cultural institution.





    ·         Hair Industry Professionals

    ·         Salon owners

    ·         Barbers

    ·         Hair stylists

    ·         Entrepreneurs

    ·         Students

    ·         Educators

    ·         Product manufacturers

    ·         Product distributors

    ·         Retailers

    ·         Beauty Industry Professionals

    ·         Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioners

    ·         Grassroots community activists

    ·         Organization leaders

    ·         Government leaders

    ·         Local and international consumers

    ·         Youth seeking career and employment advice and inspiration

    ·         Small Business Enterprises looking to expand their business

    ·         Corporate buyers for supplier diversity, recruitment, or branding

    ·         People interested in learning more about the Business of Black Hair




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  • The BOBSA Consumer Membership Discount Card

      BOBSA is proud to announce its NEW “Consumer Discount Membership Card“. The new CONSUMER Card will give thousands of Black consumers the opportunity to receive special discounts from BOBSA’s BLACK Manufacturer Members worldwide.    


    The BOBSA member companies will provide ongoing discounts from 5%-25%, which amounts to tremendous savings with our CONSUMER MEMBERSHIP. This will also recirculate the Black Dollar back into the Black community by Connecting the Black Dots and Dollars, which is the mission of BOBSA. Below is a partial list of the manufacturers, more will added later.

    We are proud to announce that the first “500” registrants will receive their Consumer Membership Card for $10, regularly priced at $25 (Annual Renewal Fee).

    The Consumer Membership Card will open the door to connect our consumer members to registered BOBSA Members, who are many of the best companies in the beauty industry that service our community. These members have committed to provide our Consumer Membership with a great product, outstanding discounts, timely delivery, and excellent customer service.


    Don’t forget to download the BOBSA App- Now with more features it is easier than ever to connect the dots and keep up with the industry.  Black businesses can add their own business and can be seen by all members via phone.

    Click here to get the app.

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